I have put together some rules for Thermae Cafe Bangkok and they are for reading/entertainment purposes only. They are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. What works for me may not work for you. What I want may not be what you want. So there is no need to go loco if you don’t like any of the rules.

Thermae Cafe Bangkok is a Great Bar to pick up Spinners.

Inside Thermae Cafe Bangkok
Inside Thermae Cafe Bangkok

Guidebook / Rulebook

If the girl is glued to her cellphone, she is out. Out means eliminated.

If the girl is always touching her hair, she is out. She is egocentric and therefore will not provide good service.

I have a NO TAXI RULE. I’m slim and in good shape so this rule works for me. It may not be appropriate for others who have trouble handling the Bangkok heat. I usually get a hotel a ten-minute walk away from Thermae Cafe. And that is what I tell the girl. If the girl insists on a taxi, then she is out. She will not provide good service if a ten-minute walk is too much for her. They are all younger than me.

If there is a stunner that you really want and she insists on getting a stuffy old room upstairs, then I guess you don’t have much choice.

Ruamchitt Hotel Bangkok
Ruamchitt Hotel Bangkok

I like it if the girl in Thermae Cafe Bangkok is holding her handbag with two hands in front of her. Arms straight. Cellphone in her handbag.

By this, she is telling you, “Look at me. I’m here to receive and please you.” For me, this rule alone will almost guarantee a good to possibly even superb experience.

Finding the Right Girl at Ruamchitt Plaza

I know standing for hours is not easy on the feet. But if the girl in Thermae Bangkok is sitting on a chair the whole time, then that is a bad sign.

If the girl has her arms crossed and looks unhappy to be there, she is definitely out.

If the girl waves or grabs you, she is out. She will likely have a demanding personality. Choose her if you want to be dominated by a girl.

Freelancers at Thermae Bar
Freelancers at Thermae Bar

If the girl’s outfit looks expensive, she is out. I can tell if the dress is expensive or not. She will likely quote a very high rate.

Most Thermae girls tend to dress up, but if the girl is dressed like a cheap working girl, she is out. I guess you can get her if that is what you want. I guess the same with the above rule. Get her if you like expensive-looking girls.

If the girl is short in stature, she is out. In my experience, short girls tend to be stubborn. But with the high heels, sometimes it’s easy to get fooled.

Getting a Drink at Thermae Bar
Getting a Drink at Thermae Bar

If the girls in Thermae Bangkok have had plastic surgery, she is out. Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes, it’s not. The girl is egocentric and overly concerned with outer beauty.

Always Think with your Right Head

If the girl is fat, she is out. This rule is not so clear-cut because everyone has different standards for obesity. For me, it’s simple. If she is not slim, then she is fat. And fat girls are always thinking about food.

Always check the girl’s age. The maximum age for the girl is 25. This rule may need to be chucked out the window because many Thermae girls are above 25. But a girl above age 25 has had too many bangs, is probably a single mother, and is most likely damaged emotionally. She might be ok for ST.

Freelancers in Bangkok
Freelancers in Bangkok

The upside of these rules is that you will most likely get a decent to great service from the girl in Bangkok’s Thermae Cafe. The major downside is that the stunners will probably be eliminated by one or more of the rules. But it’s always give and take in life. So go ahead and find the perfect Thermae Cafe Girl in Bangkok to show you a good time.


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