About Grace Hotel Bangkok, I do agree with most people about the quality/quantity of rooms and the girls that used to stand outside. It used to be lined with women not only in the coffee shop but outside on the walkway as well.

Grace Hotel Bangkok

My trip this time there were very few women in the coffee shop and they were on the low-quality side. Outside much less and mostly non-Thai women. Not so long ago you could find a gem in amongst the crowd. It has changed quite a bit. Never was a Patpong scouter so I don’t know much about it. However, the Nana disco seems to be closed.

The room was clean. It was perfect to have a great romping session. The price was very decent too. I saw a lot of guys around. This is definitely not a place where families come to stay. It’s accessible to all the main areas and you have to check out their early booking prices if you ever decide to come stay.

Grace Hotel Bangkok
Plush Rooms at Grace Hotel Bangkok

Meeting a Freelancer

Second: I think I made a mistake, two Saturdays ago I was walking down Sukhumvit near Thermae Café, just walking taking in the sights when near the Sheraton hotel I bumped into a freelancer. Very Beautiful, very sexy, nice smile nice body simply a 9. 9/10. So I decided to speak with her, now I am not Caucasian, and those who lived in Bangkok will understand. But I decided to try and speak with her. And to my surprise, she responded and can speak English well. She said that she works in the café, not sure as a worker or a special worker and that she was going home, it was about 2:30 pm.

Girls at Grace Hotel

Grace Hotel Was Cheaper

Anyway, I asked and got 2.5K Baht for a short time. Now, this is way above the going rate, so I said too much. Then she said 2K but I still declined. My Grace Hotel Bangkok room was cheaper. After going to my hotel I wondered (and still do) if that was the right decision. It was 2x the going rate but with my luck, I don’t often bump into 9’s in my life. But I also considered that in Jakarta when you are quoted 2x the price you decline and move on. The girl tried to show me some of her pictures on Instagram but I just wasn’t interested.

I still think about that encounter to this day, perhaps it would have been worth it. Hopefully, now it will only be a memory. But I am not sad. I got to check out the action at Soi Cowboy and then eventually met this awesome spinner at Wood Bar Bangkok.

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