Today I just happened to be passing Thermae on the lookout for some Bangkok Girls. Outside a girl was sizzling hot and pretty, dressed very tight to show off her tits and fab body, not the usual conservative stuff. Was 8:30 PM and she was just heading to the stairs to enter Thermae. My god, I was tempted to go right after her. However a little voice in my head was saying “Bro, don’t waste your money yet again, she probably does not even like Farangs”. Hottest girl I have seen at Thermae in a very long time (however, of course, I have not been there much and certainly not this early).

Nana Plaza GoGo Bars
Nana Plaza GoGo Bars

Negotiating with Bangkok Girls

I agree with the other blogs that it is hard to interview Bangkok Girls inside standing next to all their friends. “Can you give me deep tongue kissing, deep throat, and BBFS with CIP please, or at least CIM as a minimum?” I suppose one could whisper. “Do you like Farang cock and how many farangs have you fucked recently?” Haha. In fact, I never tried asking girls in there anything quite so explicit. I put things more nicely.

Checking out the BJ Bars in Bangkok

I forced myself to move on without even going inside for another look. I am sworn off this place. Stopped in LB Pharmacy to buy a couple of things, and then thought it is a long while since I passed the BJ shops. So traversed Lolitas and Kasalong. 3 Bangkok Girls sitting outside the former. One was almost a pass, but not good enough to be fuckable. Kasilong had about 5 or 6 girls outside, not one was even slightly good looking, so did not give any further thought. I am crazy maybe. Need a good face even for a BJ, and preferably a hot ass too.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok Thailand
Nana Plaza in Bangkok Thailand

Outside Nana Hotel and Hooters

Now my Soi 4 girl is gone and reportedly pregnant (not to me I think), however today was surprised. At the early time on Saturday night, before many regulars even arrived, I found 3 girls good looking enough to consider. First one seemed to have really great looking tits lightly covered, possibly fake, but if so an excellent job. Her face was a bit white from makeup and deadpan. Ended up picking a girl at Nana Hotel drive corner of Hooters. Her nake was Mai from Bangkok. My usual formula.

Quite tall at least 5 foot 6 wearing cut off jean shorts showing just a little ass, and tight top, skinny, smallish real tits, and no hint of being a ladyboy whatsoever despite the height. No surgeries of course. The expression on the face has to be right though. Nice ass once clothes came off. Quite a few tats on her back. In fact, my last three Soi 4 Bangkok Girls have all been tall and slim.

Girlfriend Experiences at Soi 4

Was not quite the same GFE as my previous regular Naam, but fairly promising for a “first date”. Has a baby already but I could not tell. The pussy feeling was very nice indeed (not all pussies feel great to me). Depends on size of pussy and whether it grips the dick at all, and fits cock for the whole length. She tolerated DATY for a while but was not getting into it, as most girls usually do. Her BBBJ was really good, slow soft and with great ball tickling. I played with her pussy at the same time.

Girls at Thermae Bar in Bangkok
Girls at Thermae Bar in Bangkok

However, she seemed to get horny during the fucking and eventually started to touch herself around the clit area, started gyrating a bit and moaning (yes could be acting but it was not there immediately from the start). My conclusion is she does like Farang cock okay. Normally I have difficulty to cum, but not really tonight.

Yes will repeat and will incentivise for a bit more GFE next time. Much cheaper than a Thermae girl and better experience than what I usually get at Thermae. Hopefully nice tongue kissing will be possible. She seemed to know Naam and other girls I know on the Soi. Working part time as supposedly a student of accounting, but now is term break. I’ve also seen this great video of the Best Bars in Bangkok

Thermae Bar and Cafe
Thermae Bar and Cafe

Going Outside to Meet Bangkok Girls

I like meeting girls outside on the street, even at night I can see their looks far better than in a dim bar like Billboard or even in the strange lighting of Thermae that makes girls look a bit better than they will look back at the Hotel room somehow. Not sure is low light or light of a strange coloring at Thermae. Perhaps yellowish light. That’s the best way to meet girls in Bangkok. If you ever need some help, let me know how I can help.

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