I landed in BKK at 9:15 am having had very little sleep on the flight. Immigration wasn’t too bad but I was questioned about the length of my stay and had to show my boarding pass for my departing flight. I was carrying a bag with a change of clothing and toiletries. The rest of my luggage I had checked in so didn’t have to go to collect any baggage and was out of the airport fairly quickly. On the way out, I stopped and got about 400 Bhat at the FX counter. Considered getting a data sim but I thought it would take too long so didn’t bother. It wasn’t important anyway as I knew where I was going, what to do and didn’t want to be bothered with using up any of my time responding to anyone.

Took the Airport Express to Makkasan and then the BTS to Sukhumvit. At Asok station next to Sukhumvit Station, I converted all the money I thought I would need for the day (I think the currency converter is called Rich or something like that). Grabbed a coffee, looked at the time (10:30 am) and was a little giddy with how well everything was going to plan.

Lolitas Bar Girls Sitting Outside

The plan: I would have over a week of pent up frustration ready to burst by the time I would land in BKK. I had been working in a fairly dusty environment and combined with a lot of travel and the plane ride, I knew I would want a nice soapy nuru massage to clean up every inch of my body. I also didn’t trust myself and was convinced that I would pop under a minute of a girl rubbing her body on me. With that in mind, I knew I would need to do my first pop pretty quickly and it should be a blowjob because it would be a sin to not let all that cum go into a pretty mouth. Then, with my balls somewhat drained, then I would get a relaxing massage and depending on how much time I would have, finish with another blowjob. I did not care about having game, chasing women, working the field, finding the perfect ten or that gem. I just wanted to go in to a shop, pick the best girl and get something done. I would be in BKK at the worst time for a bar to be open – 10 am to 4 pm so I knew I wouldn’t have much selection to choose from.

The Entrance to Lolitas

With coffee in hand, I made my way to Soi 8. Stopped at Lolittas and they had a few decent girls outside. A couple caught my eye but I chose the one standing and smoking a cigarette. Paid and went up to the red couches. I was embarrassed by what must have been a terrible smell coming from me and my cloths. I hadn’t had a shower in about 36 hours, been in a hot and sweaty place, lots of travelling, sitting in a plane. Surely it wasn’t pleasant. Lolitta quickly wiped me down and proceeded to suck me off while I sipped my morning coffee.

First time this has happened to me at a BJ bar but she wouldn’t take off her top. I asked twice and she simply wouldn’t take off her shirt. It didn’t bother me as I knew I was going to have an epic day anyways. True to my fears, I popped in about 5 minutes and that was only because I was trying hard not to cum and just enjoy my coffee. True to my dirty kinks, I came hard and a lot of cum came gushing out! She was not expecting such volume and had to spit it out halfway through. Boys, let me tell you, it was pure bliss watching her chock on all that cum. Gave her a tip (mostly out of embarrassment of the smell) and proceeded to Chrome Bar.

The Super Shiny Chrome Bar and Nuru Massage Parlour

On the way to Chrome, stopped and got some fruit for breakfast on the side of the road. Fruit here is so tasty and delicious. I arrived at Chrome at 11 am and there were three girls sitting outside putting on make-up. Two girls ignored me. Fortunately, the prettiest of them started talking to me and telling me it was 2000 for an hour. I told her I wanted the two hours and the VIP room. She looked at me as if I had been here before. I haven’t. I have never had a nuru massage before and I was giddy!

The next two hours were awesome!

Hottie from Chrome

She led me upstairs, showed me the room, turned on the air conditioning and said she would be right back. I changed and put my dirty cloths in my bag and hung up the clean cloths I would wear afterwards. She comes back, gets undressed, I am cracking jokes, she is cracking jokes, we are laughing at the silliest things. She takes me over to the bathroom and there is a big waterproof foam mattress with a similar waterproof block of foam as a pillow that does not look inviting at all. She starts the shower and the water feels so good. Soap goes on and then she goes on me. While we are standing, she is just rubbing her soapy body all over me, grabbing my arms and making me grope her tits. Laughing. I am so thankful I popped at Lolittas before coming here.

Another Spinner from Chrome Bar

After showering, she makes me lie on the mattress face down and it is surprisingly comfortable. She pours warm water over me and it was erotically and lovingly done. I remember being in pain because I was super hard and lying on my cock but the water being poured on top of my body was so comforting. It was a wonderful feeling and highly recommended for everyone. Then she nuru gels it and starts sliding all over my back, up, down, sideways and is also using her mouth all over the place. Mostly sucking my body but every once in a while, she would bite me with her lips. So erotic! When she turned around and started doing my legs, she placed my left hand on my butt with the palms upward touching her pussy and started rubbing her clit on each of my fingers. She also started saying the nastiest things like “You want to fuck my pussy? Not yet. We do it slow. Not now!” Drove my raging erection straight into the mattress.

Then the flip, and oh my god! Watching her body slide all over mine was a beautiful thing to see. She nuru’d every part of my body. She interlaced her hand with mine and pulled my arm back and forth across her pussy and then she grabbed each of my fingers, one at a time, and cleaned them in her pussy. She started doing a blowjob for a while, I then asked her to do some more body rubbing over my cock and if she could insert my fingers back in her pussy, blowjob and then a few positions of sex and I finished in doggy. She kept telling me to be careful when I was on top but was pleasantly surprised by how much traction I had on the mattress. After that, she washed me off again and told me to lie on the bed.

The Hidden Gem – Kasalong BJ Bar

The massage that followed was really good. She asked if everything was ok, I asked her to massage harder and she did. I remember lying there and thinking how lucky I am and how brilliant my plan is proceeding. She gave me a blowjob, we fucked in a few situations and the effects of the long travelling were starting to hit. I was getting tired and didn’t have the stamina to keep fucking. She understood, told me to lie back, relax and proceeded to suck me off while she put a finger up my ass. She asked if she could put a second finger up my ass and I said no. I came very soon after that. She cleaned up and then cuddled next to me and we continued talking and more laughing. This girl was very much in charge and would grab my hand and place them on her tits. One last shower and I felt really clean. Gave her a tip and went for a massive lunch and a beer as I hadn’t had any dinner or breakfast on the plane.

The Thai Lineup

After a delicious Thai lunch with a Chang beer, I made my way over to Kasalong. It was now a little after 2 pm. There were 8, 9 girls out front. Why is it that the girl that you definitely don’t want to get a BJ from is the one acting like she is going to suck you off and therefore none of the other girls should make any attempt. Saw a couple of girls that I liked of to the side and both were talking to each other. I asked if one of them wanted to join me instead and she agreed. Went in, paid, went upstairs and got sucked. It was a nice long relaxed blowjob and I really wanted to stay longer. We came back downstairs and asked if she wanted to join me for a drink. She very happily accepted and joins me. Her English is okay and we start chatting. After a while, I told her I want another blowjob but I don’t know if I could do it because I have to leave to the airport. She pointed to herself for confirmation, I nodded yes and she said “Can!” We talked for a bit, I mentioned her friend she was talking to when I came in and she kept fondling my dick. She asked if her friend can join “Two girl?” I said sure. Her friend joins, I buy her a drink and tell them I will tip them extra if they can make me cum in half an hour, which will be at 3:15 pm. They accept the challenge, we shake hands and they start giggling. They start talking dirty about how much better it would be if all three of us were in a short time hotel and what they would do to me. Their hands are on my cock and I am busy rubbing their pussies and tits.

We go upstairs as time is ticking. They start licking and I am smiling. I finally blow my load and it’s before 3:15. Everyone is happy. I am ecstatic that I had the energy and stamina to do this, they are giggling with happiness about the tips. High five all the way around.

The return trip to the airport takes longer than I anticipate and get to the airport at quarter after four. Go through the various line ups at the airport and make my way to the boarding gate with half an hour to spare.

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