It’s time for my long-awaited Eden Club Bangkok Review. I’ve lived and stayed in Bangkok for years and yet I remain always surprised to see how Eden Club Bangkok doesn’t get more reviews online. I can’t understand why it’s not highly reviewed especially to recommend to newbies or if you really want a threesome with A+ with no frills or questions or work.

The prices for this club are quite reasonable too. They are not as expensive as Soapy Massage Bangkok shops so you should be all set. But I know the veterans just know it to be unreliable, and I get that, and I feel that way when I go there. It’s unpredictable.

Girls at Eden Club Bangkok
Girls at Eden Club Bangkok

Where is the Eden Club?

This exclusive Eden Club Bangkok threesome sex club in Bangkok is located on Soi 7/1. It’s in the same Soi where Wood Bar is located. It’s not difficult to find the soi. Once inside the lane, just look out for the devil red logo of Club Eden.

I’m a fan of Eden some of the time. Some of those times if it’s done right, it can certainly edge out the Tulip experience by a good margin, easily. But when it’s wrong, its really wrong, and it’s hard to find the repeat magic each trip, it’s kinda a crapshoot each time you go, you can help it along as a veteran going there to know what to ask the girls to do, but no matter, there are things that just don’t always work out. Or they do work out amazingly.

Eden Club Bangkok Review

Eden Club Bangkok Review

When you enter Eden, you may be greeted by a French man who is the owner of the place. He’s a splendid chap to talk to if he’s in the right mood. If this is your first time there, he will tell you how it works. If you’re a regular, you can buy a beer and relax. As you sit by the bar, the girls will sit behind you on their couches. There is a yellow line in the center of the bar that divides the girls into two groups. You select a girl from any one group that you like. That girl will then select another girl from the other group to join you. You head upstairs with both girls and have your fun.

Selecting the Right Girls

As for selecting girls, been going for a bunch of years off and on: You select an A+ girl (always select an A+ girl first), then she will grab a friend and ask if OK. This is how it is, you don’t select 2 girls, you get one and she grabs a friend. You can try and say OK. Can you say no? Yeah, you can, but it may turn out good or bad. I’ve never had any bad-looking girls there, but I’ve had a couple I wasn’t’ too excited to be interacting with. There were some that also went overboard on the PSE experience to an extent that made it unfun. That’s the odd part of it. It sucked because they went too hardcore PSE, not lack of it.

Threesomes at Eden Club Bangkok
Threesomes at Eden Club Bangkok

The Price for 2 Girls for this Eden Club Bangkok Review

Eden Club Bangkok Review is the only place I have seen where you can pay for both girls first and then leave the rest to chance. The price maxes out at 4500 Baht for 2 girls and all-inclusive everything. You drop till you cant pop anymore. The girls are most cooperative and they have mirrors on the ceilings and walls. There’s porn that plays on the TV and you can tell the girls to do whatever you want.

I’m not sure, if you have Eden Club Bangkok Review questions, I’d be happy to answer. Contact me on Twitter or Youtube handles of BangkokPunters to reach out to me. But if you want to do it yourself, the short version is, the best way to improve your session is to be very direct to the girls the whole time on exactly what you want at all times and don’t let them just do “the script” session.

This Eden Club Bangkok has to be one of the places you have to check out on your next trip to Bangkok. I would, however, tell you to be firm with what you want from the girls and get the expectations set right from the very beginning. If you can do this, your trip to Eden is going to be awesome.

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