It was an unusually hot day and I felt way too dehydrated than usual. Generally, I would have been looking for Bangkok Girls in the evening at my usual jaunts like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, but today I felt different. I wasn’t tired. Maybe I was just lazy. I wanted to find the best girls in Bangkok and this is the first one that matched all expectations.

Where to Find the Best Girls in Bangkok?

I walked down to the monsoon restaurant on Soi 11 to grab a beer but the heat was killing me. The heat was so much, I thought I was going to get a stroke. I patted myself with wet tissue, ordered a Chang, and started browsing Smooci. I know there are a lot of Smooci Reviews out there but I wanted to find out who could come to my room immediately. Unfortunately, I did not find many options. It also crossed my mind that I could call a Bangkok Ladyboy but as life would have it, I lucked out

Tip: If you think that Thai girls are available 24/7, think again. My search took me to Bangkok Golden Escorts and I narrowed my choices to Gina. She’s an A-Level model and the website said she will do everything to ensure I would have a great time. I inquired if she was available and the woman on the other end of the phone said that she would be in my room in another 30 minutes. After gulping down my beer, I quickly went back for a shower and get ready. I first thought it was going to be like that episode of when I met that freelancer from Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. I assure you, it was nothing like that.

Best Girls in Bangkok

One of the Best Girls Bangkok

Gina walked into my room on time. She wore this amazing dress that I thought was too tight for her. But, I’m not complaining. Not all Bangkok girls can pull this kind of ensemble. She was perfect. We chatted a lot for nearly half an hour and we ordered some drinks. She was reluctant to drink anything at first but then she gave in. I quickly realized she is a horny girl and had her share of flings outside her home. She said used to be married and I wondered who would leave this babe. I’m sure she was lying to me but I did not care. She mentioned that she used to hook up on Tinder but later shifted to Golden Bangkok Escorts to get a more financially stable income.

During our conversation, she shared her concern that most men are unable to satisfy her. She prefers big guys that can drill her for eternity. After a couple of drinks, I requested her to get her lipstick wiped off. As she cleaned her lipstick I grabbed her melons from behind rubbing my hardon against her ass. After taking off the lipstick she kissed me and it was quite passionate.

Amazing Girls in Bangkok

A Lot of Foreplay

We got into DFK for a while. I requested if we can move to the bed and she said we can do it only if we continue to kiss. This was some really wild kissing with full-on tongue action. We were lip-locked like there is no tomorrow. At the back of my mind, I knew I was going to get raped. We took our clothes off while kissing and jumped into bed. She saw my tent and took off my jockey in a snap. Immediately, she grabbed my hardon in her hand and said that my size is good. She was confused why I had mentioned it was small in our earlier conversation. Also mentioned she doest like slim ones and ones that are less than 6 inches. She went down on me and started giving herself a deep throat cleaning. This went on for nearly 10 minutes.

Then I wanted to DATY her but she wanted me inside of her. I took out a magnum and put on the condom and penetrated her in missionary and started drilling her while we kept kissing passionately. Her pussy is moderately tight despite the fact that I know she is quite experienced. After about 10 minutes she said she wants to ride me and came on top. She knew what she wanted and she definitely knows how to ride and grind. She started flexing her pussy muscles and it was heavenly. I started humping her fast from beneath and she was moaning like a crazy girl on heat. I could not control myself anymore and came in no time. As soon as the humping stopped we cuddled in each other’s arms. She seemed disappointed with me because I finished up so soon.

Ladyboys are the Best in Bangkok

Best Girls in Bangkok – Round 2

We cleaned up spoke about some random stuff related to the lockdown. We ordered a little food and I noticed that the time was 4. 15 pm. We started the 2nd round and I told her hopefully will not disappoint her this time. There was a lot of wild passionate kissing which was followed by deepthroating and she was ready to get drilled again. I put on a condom and started drilling her in missionary.

We went on for more than 10 minutes. After switching to WOT we went on for another 10-15 minutes. Then I started drilling her in doggy but got tired in 5 minutes as our height alignment was an issue. Shifted to missionary and started drilling her more. After all, it was a matter of my ego. I think I drilled her non-stop for 15 -20 minutes and they came. She held me tight and started milking myself inside her. Told me she came twice and I was good this time and I was humping like a rabbit.

This was a really good find on Bangkok Golden Escorts and I want to meet her again. Maybe I shall. But there are a lot of other Bangkok girls that can get my attention too. I need to check out the other girls on Bangkok Golden Escorts now. I realized they are on Twitter too.

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