So, I just returned from Bangkok after hitting some massage joints like Annalisa, dream haven, Doki Doki. This was a rather small but fruitful trip. I hope that this finds you well because, oh boy, I have some reviews to share with you. Here goes my Annalisa Review Dream Haven Bangkok Review and Doki Doki Massage Reviews for you.

Annalisa Bangkok Review

I reached Annalisa around midnight. It’s a terrible time to go there because there are very few girls but the service and reception were good. I can say the overall experience as 8/10. Took an erotic massage from the menu. The girl was friendly and talkative, overall nice experience.

Dream Haven Bangkok Review

Girls are in the range 6 or 7, or may less than that. Felt no doable girls, out of desperation took one girl, all were wearing micro skirts, I felt the girls looks little tired. Not like the girls from Cherry Massage. Inside the room, the girl gave a decent bath and an average service in the bed. Girls mouth was stinking, may she was smoking just before. Just had a one-shot and left the place. I was hoping to add more into my Dream Haven Bangkok Review but I guess that will be for another time.

Outside Dream Haven Bangkok Review
Outside Dream Haven Bangkok
How to Find Dream Haven Massage Parlour in Bangkok
How to Find Dream Haven Massage Parlour in Bangkok

Doki Doki Massage Review

I was expecting more from Doki Doki, as the per the last review, as I had good service from my last year visit. But this time took a lady called Olive. Maybe that was the mistake I did. She is an old lady maybe around 40. The previous girl Pam she gave a very good service by reaching every part of the body by her tongue, I don’t know what was wrong with her she just gave a very below average service not felt like doing her, just asked her to give a blow job, for second shot she said extra money is required what the hell. Disappointed. Always go for the girl who smiles at you eagerly.

Overall my massage joints trip were average this year’s visit. I will be returning to Bangkok for the SwingersHub Bangkok Party. Can’t wait to see what happens there.

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