3 days ago I went to Butterflies on the top floor, right hand side in Nana Plaza.

The place was fairly packed and I was shown a single chair to the left of the entrance. A few good looking girls dancing, but on the topless stage to the left there was no one that really caught my interest. I bought a beer and watched as a new set of girls entered the stage. Still nothing that really wanted me to pay BF. A few minutes later one of the staff (a younger mamasan helper) approached me with a girl next to her. She asked if I wanted this girl to sit with me. I took a good look and said sure, her name is Wan and said she is 27 years old. My guess is more like 32. Her stage number is 206. I bought her a drink and she jumped on my lap. Drank and talked for a while and she got me horny so I paid her BF (800) and we agreed on 2500 for ST. It was just around midnight when we left to walk to my hotel a few soi’s away. She said she was hungry so we stopped for food at a small food cart. Had food and another beer. Got to the room and when she undressed she revealed a good looking body with no traces of baby damage or silicone. Showered together, dried off and got on the bed. What followed was one of the best blowjobs I ever had. Deep and with altering speed. She fucked her own throat so to speak, and seemed to really enjoy it as she got soaking wet just by giving me a blowjob. I just couldn’t hold it so I blew the first load right in her mouth and she responded with swallowing my dick all the way and my load as well. We cuddled for a while before she made me ready for round 2.

Butterflies Nana Plaza
Thai Bar Girls at Butterflies inside Nana Plaza

A shorter blowjob and she reached for a condom and put it on. She really wanted a dick inside her and did me cowgirl for about 10 minutes until she had a shivering orgasm. I knew I could not cum again that night so we just fell asleep. She didn’t want to leave and asked to stay the night. I said sure. The next morning I was super hungry and said we need to go down and have breakfast. She came with me and when we got back upstairs she literally tore my pants of and got down on her knees to give another amazing blowjob. I stopped her before she made me cum and fucked her standing up. She had another orgasm and as I felt I was close I told her I am going to cum. She pulled out, took off the condom and basically swallowed my whole dick once again. A great experience with this girl and I will definitely repeat again in a few weeks when I get back to Bangkok.

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