Angelwitch Bangkok GoGo Bar Review

Angelwitch GoGo Bar

I have always wanted to share an Angelwitch Bangkok GoGo Bar Review and this looked like the perfect time to share it with you. This is my unbiased review of the club that has some really hot women willing to do anything to show you a good time.

With the current Coronavirus outbreak in Bangkok making tourists avoid coming to Thailand, Nana Entertainment Plaza is doing specials. The girls outside the GoGo bars are trying to entice any monger that passes by.

Angelwitch Nana Plaza
Angelwitch Nana Plaza
Private Contacts

I tend to like going to GoGo bars to check out the talent. It’s a great way to find a spinner and know what she looks like on stage because before you bring her back to your room you know exactly what she looks like without her clothes on.

Girls at Angelwitch Bangkok

One of my favorite places in Nana Plaza is the Angelwitch Bangkok GoGo Bar. It’s one of those places you can go without feeling the pressure to buy everyone in the room a lady drink. The mamasan is quite friendly and girls are not pushy. It’s the ideal place for a monger to go if they want to chill and watch some ladies dancing on stage.

The collection of girls is Angelwitch as not as good as what you would find at Bangkok Bunnies or Billboard but they are more than capable of satisfying you.

Bangkok Hookers
Bangkok Hookers

When I entered Angelwitch, I got my usual seat just below the pole on the right. I take a seat and a bargirl comes up to ask me what I’ll be drinking. I order a beer and she tells me I can order a girl too. The mamasan recognizes me and she comes over to have a conversation. I don’t understand what she says so I keep nodding my head and smile a lot.

Picking up this Hottie

As my beer arrives, a girl comes up on my table and starts dancing for me gyrating her hips and rubbing herself up and down the pole on my table. I get aroused instantly and take out a smoke to calm my nerves.

She comes down and sits side of me. I ask her if she wants a drink and she ends up ordering a tequila shot. She allows me to fondle her c-cups and she starts rubbing my balls under the table. I wanted to bang her right there on the table for everyone to see. I ask her how much for a short time and the negotiations begin. We settle for 3000 Baht including a room at a nearby hotel.

Sexy Thai Babe
Sexy Thai Babe

She’s hot and walks with me back to the hotel. The hotel room is small and dingy and lowly lit. It’s the perfect place to do nasty things to this girl. We do everything and she satisfies me with my heart’s content. She cleans me up and we walk back to Angelwitch where I drop her off. I sit outside the bar and take in the sights from the 1st floor.

My overall review of Angelwitch Bangkok is the same I have had for many years because it’s still the cheapest GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza. It’s the best place to go and pick up a girl without any hassle. Check it out the next time you are in Nana Plaza. I have written about GoGo Bars in Nana Plaza if you want to check out those reviews as well.

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