I strolled up Soi 4 near the Nana Hotel sign last night and was arm hooked by a Vietnamese girl who seemed desperate to “go with me”. I thought she was lovely but for whatever reason, I wasn’t all that inspired. She wouldn’t let go of my hand gracefully. Maybe I could stir up a bit more interest for her in my loins and settle on a reason to take her. I said “good sex?” She said yes. I said “ok, but good sex means with no condom”. She said boom boom with condom, suck dick no condom. “Oh. No. Sorry, hon. I want to boom boom tonight. I cannot have sex with a condom.” She looked crestfallen and reluctantly let go of my hand. Oh well. I tried.

The Girls at Butterflies GoGo Bar in Bangkok

Into Butterflies GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza. A young, cute, sexy dancing and doable but unremarkable girl spied me from the stage and would not stop glancing over, smiling broadly. I swear I think she was the same one who enlisted two mamasans a few weeks back and all they could say in unison was “All the girls here get 3,000 baht for Short Time” if anyone recalls that blog post. But I wasn’t sure. She made a beeline for me within a minute of her dance stage break. Sure, I’ll let her sit on my lap, sure I’ll buy her a lady drink. She felt great on my lap and in my hands. Very soon I had a ramrod boner for her.

She was taking a long, long time to finish that one lady drink. Good sign. She was applying lots of mild and occasional deep french kissing to me on the couch. Another good sign. So I broached the subject of a bar fine. 1,000 to the bar this time (about 10 PM), 3,000 to her for Short Time. I expressed surprise by so much baht! Haha. Then got close to her hear and I told her I would be ok to pay that amount but I cannot wear a condom for sex. “Ohhhhh. I cannot. I WANT. But I cannot. ” No problem, sweetheart. Maybe see you again another time. “Ohhh. I really want to go with you!” I know. Me too. But I cannot wear a condom for sex. “Ohhhh.” I bid bye-bye to her, gave her 100 baht tip for the fine lapdance and touchy-feely, paid my bill and left. Oh well. Again, I tried. And I think this was the second time I tried with that same girl. lol. Just so many I can’t be sure.

Bangkok Freelancers

Maybe I would check out Thermae now. But first took another quick stroll down Soi 4. A girl with a sweet cute face, mid 20’s I suppose, revealing nice legs in short shorts, fit and trim overall, was in the middle of a little pow-wow with some other FLs, saw me about to pass by on the sidewalk and she broke through the group to grab my hand. Communication was limited as she did not speak any English at all. Considering my oft-stated requirement regarding condoms, I tend not to be specific about the girls I take and have a great time with. That will apply here and now.

Anyway, we had Google Translate. 1,500 for ST, 5,000 for LT. “Everything okay. Except no sex in the butt. Too much pain. Haha.” No more negotiation from me. I’m fine with that. Short time.

As has been the case more often than some would predict, that “Everything” ad she pitched to me meant exactly what it said and what I have no doubt she knew I would assume it meant. She had virtually no tits, but the rest of her body was slick smooth, fit, trim and hairless heaven. Yeah, there was a small bit of humorous banter and gestures about my really not being capable of making her pregnant. My vasectomy and all. But that was the only hassle and glitch, very minor, in an otherwise fine, fine 90 minutes or so of glorious, fresh, clean and delicious female tasting DATY, a damn good BBBJ as oral foreplay (have to investigate where that damn good BJ leads as a stand-alone event next time) and the main event as god and all his angels intended it to be enjoyed. WIR? Oh yeah.

The beauty of going with those “Everything, Up To You, I Will Make You Happy” sales pitches / negotiations from FLs on the, IMO, fully justified assumption they know exactly what a Western customer prospect would likely assume they mean by it is that it virtually eliminates any need to negotiate further, no need to guess what is and what isn’t on the menu and so on. And at the same time, you will have standing for denying or reducing payment later if it turns out she was only trying to scam you with false advertising or some other bait-and-switch trick.

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