Thailand is infamous for its nightlife and the GoGo Bar Bangkok scene is no different. A lot of newbies keep on asking me what happens inside a GoGo bar so I thought I would take some time out and try to explain in as much detail as I possibly can.

What Happens Inside a GoGo Bar Bangkok

Gogo or Agogo bars as they are popularly known in Thailand are different compared to your regular bars. They are there for one purpose only and that is to entertain and excite men. There are plenty of GoGo Bars in Bangkok so it’s best you find the ideal one that suits your likes and budgets. The last thing you want is to go to a bar that rips you off. 

Billboard GoGo Bar Bangkok has a Bathtub

The striking difference between a regular bar and a GoGo bar is that these Bangkok bars are a combination of a bar and a strip club. They are naughty and have live shows where women perform on stage. They generally have a lot of girls hanging around the bar wearing nearly nothing. The scene in a Gogo bar is exotic. It’s probably the best thing you’re going to see in your adult lifetime. 

You Get What You Pay For

When you go to a general restaurant anywhere in the world, you generally end up paying a good amount of money for food and drink. When you leave the restaurant, you are down $30 to $50. At the same price, you can visit a GoGo Bar Bangkok to meet girls that will sit on your lap and show you a good time. 

Girls Dance on Stage in a GoGo Bar Bangkok

When I say show you a good time, I mean that these girls are more than willing to tease, caress, and strip for you. Don’t be alarmed if she starts rubbing you down there too. Her job is to get you horny so that you can barfine her and take her to your hotel. 
You may end up spending more money buying the girl some drinks but that is the price you have to pay for the company of a raunchy girl rubbing herself on you. Don’t be worried if there are other patrons in the bar. They too will be enjoying the company of other girls. There are plenty of girls to choose from. 

Take the GoGo Bar Bangkok Girl Back to Your Hotel

You can drink with the girl, but don’t get her drunk. You will want her to be sober when you reach your hotel room. A sober but tipsy Gogo bar girl is the ideal babe to take back with you. She will ride you like a cowgirl. There’s a lot of value for money in selecting a GoGo Bar Bangkok girl rather than a freelancer because of the safety and trust factor. When deciding which GoGo Bar in Bangkok to go to, there are plenty of options around. Most of the best Agogo Bars in Thailand are located in Sukhumvit Sri 4 otherwise known as Nana Plaza. The other bars are located in Soi Cowboy and Patpong. 
These bars look quite the same in most areas.

Strippers and Pole Dancers in GoGo Bars Bangkok

The only difference would be the quality of girls and the music they play. Some bars have great aesthetics and comfortable seating options too. Most bars have stripper poles on them. There’s this one bar in Nana Plaza called Billboard GoGo Bar that has a bathtub right in the middle of the dance floor. Naked Thai girls get all horny and play with each other in them. 

GoGo Bar Bankok Rules

You could be sitting at a table with a view so don’t be afraid to stare. Some bars have individual stripper poles on each table. This means that girls will come up to you and perform right in front of you. They will grind you, dance up and down the pole, and get you wet. Tipping the girl is recommended if you intend to take her home. 

Schoolgirl Costumes are Popular

There is no dancing in a GoGo Bar Bangkok. This is not a nightclub where you can dance with your friends or girls. You cannot bring another freelancer girl to these bars. I have seen some couples come in though. They just come in to see the fun. Husbands love it but the wives quickly want to leave.

GoGo Bars are Not a Place to Dance

Do not expect the GoGo Bar Girls to show you moves while dancing. They just move around in a sultry way and their only goal is to make sure you pay for drinks and barfine her. If you want to learn about what is bargaining and how you can pick up a GoGo bar girl in Bangkok, check out my post on Bangkok GoGo Bars. Gogo bars in Thailand want you to drink. They will keep encouraging you to buy more alcohol.

Lots of GoGo Bar Girls to Choose

It is best advised that you pay attention to how many drinks you have ordered because these bars have a reputation of adding drinks you didn’t have to your bill. Avoid getting drunk. On the other hand, if you order enough drinks, the girl may end up giving you a handjob in the middle of the bar itself. There are rooms around the bar where girls generally take their clients. These rooms are affordable and not too far. It’s best not to carry any valuables or extra cash when you go with a girl to her room. 

Hit and Miss

There is no cover charge to enter a GoGo Bar. There are some bars that are racial and they allow only Japanese or Europeans. It’s best not to get into any scuffles with the security at these bars and just move on to the next one. Like I said, there are plenty of bars to choose from. 

Take a GoGo Girl back to your Hotel Room

Inside a GoGo bar, it is not unusual to find topless girls serving drinks. There is also a mamasan that controls her girls. The girls always give status reports to the mamasan. You can try negotiating a barfine with the mamasan if you plan on taking the girl home. If you are adventurous, you can take more than one girl to your hotel too. Having a threesome with a pair of GoGo Bar Girls is something you truly have to experience at least once. Check out my post on

GoGo Bar Bangkok Girls are Everywhere

Remember, these are not bars that offer Ping Pong shows. These are strip bars where you can pick up women after buying them a couple of lady drinks. When you visit a GoGo Bar Bangkok, please try to be polite and you will notice that the staff in these bars will treat you with mutual respect. If you want to check out a PingPong show, I could write about it later. Also, if you want to dance with a freelancer, don’t go to a GoGo Bar. Go to a nightclub like Club Insanity in Bangkok instead. That’s the best place to pick up hot babes in Bangkok. 

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