I was having a drinking night, as I had gotten my fill of ladies earlier in the day already, but decided to hit up the Bangkok GoGo Bars, check out the ladies, drink it up, and if there was anything I really had to have, I could consider a short time girl. I went to a few places, quick rundown, as I’ve done before on Nana Plaza.

Rainbow Bangkok GoGo Bars
Rainbow in Nana Plaza Bangkok GoGo Bar

Rainbow Bangkok GoGo Bar

Located on the 3rd floor, Rainbow has great looking girls. Of course, maybe the best of the bunch in overall everything. This place certainly caters to East Asians though. Could say that for a lot of Bangkok GoGo Bar girls but the girls here really push that look and I think 80% of the patrons were east Asian. No pressure, nice spot, easy to see all the ladies, lots of good going for it. Not sure it’s my favorite spot, but I know it will always be a good option.

Best Bangkok GoGo Bars
Rainbow 4 in Nana Plaza

Sexy Night (2nd floor): After fighting through the LBs on the 2nd floor, took a peek in is all, nothing interesting, moved on.

Angelwitch Bangkok GoGo Bars

Nana Plaza GoGo Bars
Sexy Night in Nana Plaza

Angelwitch (2nd floor): Only maybe 10-15 girls working, most were solid and of course the music in here being rock instead of pounding dance music helps. The show is OK the first time you see it, then I don’t care. At least a couple I could have thought about BFing but nothing I had to have.

Bangkok Girls
Girls Girls at Angel Witch in Nana Plaza

Billboard GoGo Bar

Billboard on the 3rd floor has a vibe which is good, no pressure to pick a lady from mammasan or waitresses which is nice. Plenty of good girls, on par with Rainbow 4. Had stuff for pretty much all tastes outside of the kawaii girls of R4. I would say though that the girls don’t rotate onto the stage/bathtub too often, so take a walk around to see which girls are sitting down off the stage, there were tons of girls on stage, and plenty not on stage, that never went up while I was there. Another spot I could have easily have BF’ed half the room, but nothing I absolutely had to have.

GoGo Bars in Bangkok
Rotating Stage in Billboard

Butterflies Bangkok GoGo

Butterflies on the 3rd floor has tons of petite hotties, it must be their specialty. Just tons of ladies with pretty much all of them having these small little bodies. If you’re looking for that, this should be your first stop. If you’re not, just go elsewhere before coming here. Definitely more of a strip club vibe than traditional go-go, which is good and bad.

Girls in GoGo Bars in Thailand
Hot Girls at Spankys and Butterflies

I was pretty deep into beer at this point, grabbed late-night eats, and went to bed, didn’t see anything mandatory, and saved my baht for something the next day instead. If you’re looking to find out what happens inside these bars, check out GoGo Bar Bangkok stories.

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