I was at Hilary Bar Bangkok last night. It was around 11-12 I guess, after almost finishing my drink, I looked around and couldn’t find any good one. And then I noticed one gal talking with an old guy, I really liked what I saw. So I went over to her and started talking. The old dude got furious that I am interrupting their intellectual conversation, but hey it’s survival of the fittest. And I am a little young relatively, so there was no competition unless the guy started raining money. Now, I’ve read How Much to Pay for Sex in Bangkok so I think I’m a veteran at this.

Girls at Hilary Bar Bangkok

I asked about services, she agreed to DFK and BJ but not CIM. Which is actually fine with me. But she asked for 4000 Baht for LT. WTF! I said 2500 Baht or I am leaving. After that, she came down to 3000 Baht which I ended up agreeing, and for her, I don’t think I overpaid. I would have paid 5000 Baht, just not at Nana Plaza.

Back at My Place

My condo is quite close to Nana Plaza so within 5 minutes we were at my room. Asked her to take a shower for which she got a little surprised. We took our clothes off and went into the shower. And god, what I saw was amazing. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, given I am not tall either. We had fun for 10 minutes in the shower and I kissed her in there for which she seems hesitant. Then after drying each other, we went to bed, and she kissed my body and licked and kissed my chest. Then she licked and sucked my dick for 20 minutes and then I cummed.

Winding Down

I asked her if she wanted dinner, it was 1 AM, she said no. She asked to watch tv, unfortunately, my tv doesn’t work, haven’t watched it in ages LOL.

But as she was in the mood, I opened up my laptop and started Netflix. Asked what she liked, she said ‘adventure’.

Getting Back into the Mood

I wanted something light and didn’t want to be a creep who played Basic Instinct. So started The Maze Runner. In between she kissed me, which made me think movies actually relaxing her, I played with her boobs a lot because I have already seen this couple of times, so no interest in what’s happening in the movie.

After the movie, I finally put on a condom and she came over and started doing in cowgirl, but I don’t know it was hurting a little so I started doing missionary. For 20 minutes, but no way near coming. Then she transition into spooning, me facing her back and that worked as within 5 minutes I was done.

One More Round with this Girl from Hilary Bar Bangkok

Then we chit chatted and she slept, after a while, I also slept. And unlike many other Thai girls, she was quite into cuddling. My alarm hit around 6, I stopped it quickly, thought of sleeping a little more. But she woke up instantly and started getting dressed. Well, I asked if she wanted a shower first before leaving, for which after giving it a thought, she said yes. Which is exactly what I wanted. In the shower after 5 minutes, I started kissing her deeply and passionately, and this time she was responding well. Ended up fucking her in a doggy near my Washington machine.

I took her line and told her we will meet again, which I meant it though, but haven’t been able to meet her yet. She responds late online and a couple of days back she asked to meet but I was busy then. But I will surely meet her again, maybe this weekend.

Usually, I always do a lunch or dinner before actually going to the room, this usually relaxes girls a lot and they try their best to please me. I also prefer to check out their website to know what they look like.

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