I’m mid-thirties, born in Africa and of Indian descent, don’t drink alcohol or club much anymore, so my options in Thailand were limited to a new Ladyboy Bangkok experience, especially on a solo mission. My strategy for picking up girls was slightly different than the usual methods. I did use ThaiFriendly to chat up girls before I arrived in Bangkok. Some were months of chatting, others a few days, so I had planned before arriving.

Kapoo Clubs also got me intrigued, as I like my ladies young (18-25), slim, fair-skinned, and of course beautiful. I did use some other online platforms to meet freelancers which I will share during my reports.

Arrived on Time for My Ladyboy Bangkok Experience

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi around 7 pm after 18 hours of flying and stopovers. I was pretty beat, but I had prearranged for young 21-year-old honey from TF to meet me at Asok Bts at around 9 pm. I had booked a fantastic apartment across the road from Soi Cowboy via Airbnb, so I hurried over to prepare, organize my sim card, WiFi, etc. Finally settled in, and checked my Line messages to see where she was.

Nothing. No replies just unread messages. Our last discussion was at Dubai airport some 8 hours prior when all was agreed and she seemed really keen. Sent her a few more messages, with no response.

Figured it’s cool, there are lots more options, so started messaging my other Line contacts, checking the WeChat nearby options, and still no takers for the night.

Trying Zalo

I then remembered Zalo app being mentioned a lot online, so installed and started it up. Messaged a few nearby candidates, and finally got a response from 2. So discussed the price, time, etc, and the 1 said she’s close by about 10 minutes away. I also made it a point to find out if she’s a real woman or LB, 100% woman was the answer. So we agreed, and I waited. Half an hour later, nothing. Kept messaging her, asked for her location which she provided and she kept reassuring me that she’ll pitch. 2 hours later at nearly 12 am it appears at the front of my building.

Ladyboy Bangkok Surprise

Go down to check her out and WTF do I see, a very passable lady but ladyboy nonetheless. FUCK! She assured me she was 100% woman in her subtly husky voice and asked me to feel her crotch. I declined but asked to see her hands instead. Noticing her ring finger was longer than her index finger, the same as mine and most men, I politely told her to fuck off. She started bitching and moaning, so I finally gave her 500 Baht for her taxi and told the security to make sure she doesn’t enter the building.

Online Dating Ladyboys in Bangkok
Online Dating Ladyboys in Bangkok

Moving On

Fuck, what a shit start to my trip. Headed back to the apartment, and not wanting to hit a gogo bar, decided to check out Smooci, browsed through the limited options, and came across a decent-looking girl in Danil. Booked her for 2 hours and waited. Around 2 am she arrives. Petite girl, warm smile, the late twenties but a pleasant-looking girl. Welcomed her in and started chatting. She’s actually a very nice person, really friendly. I asked about her massage skills and she gave me a decent 30-minute massage, all the while chatting, laughing, and joking.

Our Fun Begins

We took a quick shower and headed back to bed. Lots of kissing and fondling on her smallish natural tits, she’s got no tattoos and no baby scarring so that was awesome. As I headed further south it was finally revealed. She had an amazingly tiny pussy. I was blown away. Tiny lips on a clean-shaven pussy with a tiny little clit. I was in awe.

Her entire pussy from the top of her clit to the bottom of her vaginal entrance was about 4 cm! Wow. I dived in for about 30 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed DATY. She gave a pretty good head and we fucked for about 20 minutes. She was a really nice chick, so I didn’t fuck her hard, it was more of a lovemaking scenario as I was tired and just needed to bust a nut to welcome myself to sin city. We were done just before the call from Smooci to her.

Shes Worth Repeating

She gave me her Line ID, I gave her a tip and she left. She’s a very sincere girl and a great person, she still messages me to this day, even though I only saw her once and she knows I’m back in my country. I think she’s with pink Bangkok escorts if you guys are interested, 3750 for 2 hours via Smooci. Will I repeat? Hell yeah. She was the perfect remedy to the depressing start of my trip with that Ladyboy Bangkok experience. Attached are a few pics from her Line Profile.

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