I have written extensively about Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy and Patpong. There are times where I have even posted videos of where to meet Ladyboys in Bangkok. I have gone to the extent to write about the Cost of Living in Bangkok. But the one question I get asked again and again is what is the Bangkok girl price for one night?

I generally try to help as many people as possible to help plan their trip to Bangkok and that is exactly what my Patreon Channel is about. If you want to know how I can plan a great single holiday for you, then reach out to me one-on-one at Patreon. But if you are still looking out for the answer to what is the Bangkok girl price for one night, then this post should help you.

Bangkok Girl Price for One Night

When you generally take a girl out for a night, it means that you are opting for LT (long time) service with her. You will find that a lot of freelancers on Smooci or ThaiFriendly have ST (short time) and LT options. When they say LT, it generally means the whole night. It entitles you to unlimited shots for the night, provided you can stay awake.
Getting a girl to your hotel room is easy if you have opted for a Girl Friendly Hotel in Bangkok. So make sure you check our list of guest-friendly hotels before you get the girl to your place. Another tip of advice is to lock your passport and valuables in a safe in your room. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

On the Streets of Bangkok

While you roam the streets of Sukhumvit or Patpong, you will be confronted with a lot of freelancers that will want you to take them back to your hotel. Take your time to find one that you like. There are plenty of options there so please do take your time. When you find a girl that you like, start a pleasant conversation with her. She will ask you simple questions like, where are you from, how long are you in Bangkok for, etc. This is just small talk. Then tell her that you want her for a long time. She will make you a direct quote. She will definitely start off by saying something absurd like 6000 Baht. Don’t give up. She is very much open to negotiation.

The ideal price point you should be looking for is around 3000 Baht for the night. But 3000 Baht is only if you are picking up a freelancer from the streets like outside Nana Plaza. It also depends on what time it is. Generally, girls don’t do long time if it’s early evening. This way they can do an ST and come back to work for some more sessions and they can earn more. Girls prefer doing LT only if it’s later to the night and when things start shutting down.

Bangkok Girl Price for One Night

This is why I tell people to always pick girls that are standing on the street after midnight. There are better possibilities to get them cheaper. The Bangkok girl price for one night fluctuates based on what time it is and how tired she is.

Perks of Her Job

Girls get tired too so they want a nice bed to sleep in. If you’re a gentleman, you may buy her dinner too and morning breakfast. I like to take girls for LT after midnight. I find some freelancers on the street, strike up a deal and get back to my place. When I talk to these girls, I am very candid and tell them my expectations and what I really want. Do not be afraid to voice your demands. They are used to it. Be open for negotiation and then strike a deal.

When you get back to your room, first put all your money and valuables in the safe. Then proceed for dinner or a hot steamy session with your new friend. Do not offer her money upfront. Instead tell her that if you like her service, you will be willing to tip her in the morning. Tell her there is breakfast in the morning too. That way she will get excited and offer you exceptional service.

Bangkok Girl Price for One Night

The general Bangkok girl price for one night should not exceed 8000 Baht. If you pick up a freelancer from the street, you can get her for 3000 – 4000 Baht after midnight. You can also take her earlier in the evening and she can quote up to 6000. If you opt for a girl from one of Bangkok’s escort services, then that price could go up all the way to 9000 Baht. Premium services like Smooci offer girls as high as 12000 Baht for a night. GoGo bar girls are around 7000 Baht but you will need to pay a bar fine on top of that. One tip I can offer is to wait till GoGo bars start closing down for the night. This way if there are any girls there, you can approach them and ask them for LT.

Now that you know the Bangkok girl price for one night, you know exactly what to pay. Do check out my other posts on the costs of girls in Bangkok. I also have a VIP Punter Membership offering where you get access to restricted posts, premium features at the blog, and a directory list of all the girls that are highly reviewed.

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