You have to take this with a pinch of salt. Sex tourism in Thailand is a billion-dollar business and the economy needs it. Don’t get me wrong. If it wasn’t for the girls in Thailand, there are plenty of other reasons why Thailand is great too but sex forms an integral part of the economy. When people ask me what is Bangkok famous for, the first thing to come to my head after shopping and food is the girls. It’s true. I am a punter and Bangkok has been kind to me. I’ve wandered many sois looking for action and at the end of the day, I have never returned to my room alone.

Thai Food for What Bangkok is Famous

Bangkok is famous for a lot of things. On the top of my head, I would say that Thai food is something that is desired all over the world. There are so many street food options around that you will love. So if you really want to see why Thailand is so awesome, do check out the food here. You have to try all the options at Chinatown. The streets are filled with a million aromas. Check out the street food in Bangkok to learn more.

Local Beer

Chang is probably my favorite beer ever. I’ve been around the world and tasted some really incredible brews but I think Chang is a beer that goes on my list of best ones to always keep in my stock. Indonesia’s Bintang comes in at a close second.

Beautiful Temples

If you’re like me and like to go out a bit, you will discover a spiritual side of Thailand that you have never seen before. There are a lot of temples around and they are beautiful. Wat Arun is a gorgeous temple and you have to see how majestic it looks at night. Here is a great 5 Day Itinerary for Bangkok.

Rooftop Bars for What Bangkok is Famous

One of the best things about being in a city like Bangkok is that you get to see gorgeous views from the higher floors. There are a lot of great terrace and rooftop bars all around the city that let you grab a beer and watch the sunset. As the night progresses, you will get to see a skyline of the entire city.

Cheap Shopping

I did not realize when this happened but out of nowhere Bangkok became a shoppers paradise literally overnight. Today, there are so many malls in almost every district across the city. The Iconsiam is probably the biggest mall I have ever seen. It has the biggest Apple store too. But MBK is where my heart is. Cheap thrills and great stores selling everything from knockoff watches to shoes that look like aligators. If you really want to see something exquisite, check out Asiatique on the Chao Praya river.

Night Markets

Ok. This one is a little bit of a gimmick. But I have to tell you that the night market scene in Bangkok is insane and it is exactly why and for what Bangkok is famous. There are so many night markets open on specific nights and you can literally spend one night every night going to a different one. I have written about the Night Markets in Bangkok so give that a look.

Thai Massage for What Bangkok is Famous

Every person in the world has heard of the traditional Thai massage and this is something that needs to be on your bucket list. Thai girls are experts at knowing how to please you and when it comes to massage, they have the hands of angels. If you are feeling kinky, try to get a Nuru massage to truly experience the naughty side of Bangkok. Check out all the Massages in Bangkok.

Custom Tailored Suits

I used to wonder why there are so many suit shops on the Sukhumvit mainline and now I know. Getting a snug custom made suit in Bangkok is super cheap. The fabric is not sub-standard in any way and the tailors here know how to make great looking suits. The truth is that the Thai culture is a very fashionable culture and suits are essential. You should definately try getting a suit stitched here because it will cost you a fraction of the cost in any other part of the world.

Insane Nightlife

This requires no introduction as we all know that Bangkok should be called the party capital of the world. There are bars and nightclubs at almost every turn and corner. The girls inside are hot and ready to meet you. The drinks are cheap and the music never seems to stop. If you go venturing out after midnight, you will find that the nightclubs are thriving with energy. There’s a great chance you will be able to pick up a freelancer from there too. Check out Khao San Road for some truly incredible nightlife options. I have to tell you that Bangkok Nightlife is truly insane.

Red Light Areas

Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong are three of the hottest red-light districts in Bangkok. They have gogo bars, coyote bars, beer bars, pool bars, strip bars, blowjob bars, ladyboy bars and so much more. At first, it can be a little overwhelming. But I assure you that after you have read all the reviews and articles on my blog, you will be able to take complete advantage of the girls working here. Now that you know for what Bangkok is famous for, you can go out and have some fun. Check out this video for Ladyboys in Bangkok. I have also written about the Bangkok Girl Price for One Night to help you out.

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