Safety Standards

Getting a Pornstar Experience (PSE) is still the absolute experience at Tulip Massage Parlour Bangkok even though they have all gone safe for sex. Let us all support them in what is good for them and good for all of us. Think about it. Even though the little brain wants/needs to shoot its jizz in a naughty hole, it is not a good thing for us or them. We are all responsible for their safety as well as our safety.

Better Make an Appointment

I went in the other night on the first night back in Bangkok. I love going to Tulip. (and in the afternoons to the new Som’s Haven) It is late at night and I ask for June, Ying, Dao (never met her) and they are all busy or off. I ask for Golf. There wasnt any any particular preference. I was just rolling out names. Golf is there. She heard me ask for the others. It makes me feel bad. I don’t want her to think she is not high on my list. In my opinion, It is better to make an appointment.

Golf at Tulip Massage Parlour Bangkok

Golf comes out. I find her attractive. She has great modest-sized fake breasts and a phat ass. She has a perfect ass on a slim sexy body. I can still see her phat ass in my mind’s eye from 3 or 4 years ago. She was walking up the stairs in front of me. Perfectly round with a slender, slender waist. Up we go to the room. She sets me in the room and I tell her not to take a piss before she gets back. I get undressed and I am getting hard when she returns. She laughs in her sexy way that I am already hard.

Tulip Massage Parlour Bangkok
Tulip Massage Parlour Bangkok

She asks if I want a shower, I tell her that I just showered at the hotel. Then she gets undressed and starts slinking on the bed. She is so sexy. Her ass is up in the air when she starts licking my chest, balls, and johnny. She swings around so I can see her great ass in the mirror and she takes my boy into her deepthroat. It is an experience. All of these nasty PSE Tulip women have kicked it up a notch now that they don’t do bareback sex. Safer for them, safe for us. I am enjoying this well.

There are Mirrors!

I look in the mirror and when I look down she brings her mouth off of my cock and there is drool everywhere! It looks like a really good porno movie. She is gagging and bobbing and keeps pulling off my cock to show me all of the nasty drool on her mouth and face.

Tulip Massage Parlour Girls
Tulip Massage Parlour Girls

I keep kissing her in between. It is sexy as fuck! I tell her I need to fuck her. She applies my magnum condom and spins around for doggy with me facing the mirror and her phat ass in my hands as I enter her sweet pussy. For all of the fucking that she has done that day, we have to take it slow.

She has to accommodate my size. (I am used to it with my petite wife. Sex is supposed to be fun for everyone.) We continue banging in different positions and before you know it, I jizzed my load and came into the condom. I wanted to cum into her mouth but I could not resist.

Final Verdict

This was a really fun experience for anyone that wants to experience the true joy of having a near pornstar experience in Thailand. It does not get better than this. This cost me nearly 3000 Baht and I loved every penny spent. Will I recommend it? Fuck yes! Go now. If you want to know what it’s like choosing a girl in Tulip, here is a video to help you get started.

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