If you are here looking for travel advice then check out my article on How to Visit Bangkok for 3 Days. If you are here to mongering, then I’d suggest you start off by reading all the posts we have made on Nightlife in Bangkok. You already know that Thai girls are the main draw for many single gentlemen who visit this beautiful city. But it would be a mistake to believe that the chance to have sex all day is not the only reason for punters to flock to this city. The girls are great. Don’t get me wrong, but beyond mongering and the general P4P scene, there are other girls wanting to have a good time too.  The general pay-for-play girls is practically all prostitutes. But sex with ladies in tourist areas, particularly bartenders, is easy to arrange.


Check out our latest update on where to find the best girls and entertainment options in Bangkok. Check out the latest news on Thailand Prostitution.

Bangkok Where to Go for P4P?

It’s simple to arrange sex with prostitutes elsewhere in the world, and because of this, there’s certainly more to Thailand. This city has a lot more than just the casual sexual fantasy. This is where dreams come true. And if you are coming here, you know you are going to get exactly what you want.  However, It’s not cheap either. A lot of people tell me it’s probably cheaper to get jiggy with local prostitutes than to fly halfway around the world and incur all the expenditures. The quality of long-term GFE relationships that Thai ladies can enjoy is their actual selling point, yet these arrangements can be perilous.

Hooters Girls are Not Freelancers but they Can be Picked Up

If you are a seasoned monger, there are plenty of reports about Thailand’s glory days being in the past. But don’t be fooled. True, prices are higher. And the bars aren’t as high as they once were, but things are considerably better in other aspects. But there is good news because the nightlife in this country is better than it was ever before. There are plenty of options for anyone who prefers to use contemporary methodologies or even the internet to locate partners!

Short Time or Long Time?

Thailand is not only a matter of short-term enjoyment with the local ladies. You will find here many worthy women who know how things work in Southeast Asia. When you choose and avoid the tourist areas when seeking someone seriously, the horror stories you read about are not a real danger. Your relations will prove the common cultural differences between East and West. But if you adapt to the Asian way of doing things and like them, successful relationships here are, in my opinion, much easier to find than they are in the west. Great times await those guys who know how to party with girls they meet in Thailand and do not want any type of long-term relationship status.

Clubs in Bangkok have a lot of Freelancers
Bangkok Where to Go for Non-Escorts

Bangkok Where to Go for Escorts?

I have written a lot of Smooci Reviews, so start there to find your perfect Thai companion. In the table below I’ll share some prices or rather estimates about the cost for sex between Thailand’s different hookers. Bear in mind that prices are only rough estimates, and many factors affect what needs to be paid. You should also remember that these are prices for a short-term arrangement i.e. it’s all over after you unload a single shot. The variance in Thai Escort prices takes effect depending on what time of the year you’re visiting. You can try to get better prices during the off-season. Some people in Thailand think that because they look good, they can get better rates. But they have usually deceived idiots from my experience. It’s unbelievable that some men think Thai girls will give their services for free if you really are a good-looking, well-presented guy.

Bangkok Where to Go for Different Girls

How Much Does it Cost for a Week with a Thai Girl?

I had earlier written about the Cost of Thai Girls in Bangkok. So do check out that article if you are looking for better details. For a one-week service, a bar-girl is asking something like 10,000 baht plus bar fins. However, various types of Thai hookers will ask for very different prices, depending on how much she likes you. The agency telephone call girls are Thai’s most expensive long-term escorts, with rates not falling as high. They can also be tamers of beans with all sorts of additional fees that ruin the experience of a girlfriend. So I will avoid them unless I have some sort of weird desperation issue.

I know that you get asked a lot about why you like Thailand so much. Naturally, it’s a full question, and everybody who asks has already the answer in their heads very firmly and unmovingly. Everyone asks punters why they keep going to Thailand to meet girls. The truth, however, is that not all of these women are available. The weather, food, pace of life, and culture are all important reasons as well. But I would be lying to you if I denied I’m interested in Thai girls more than any of those other attractions. If you feel the same, then check out my Twitter Account to find the latest adult attractions in Bangkok.

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