I’ve tried to Boom Boom in Thai GoGo Bars all my adult life but nothing beats this experience I had over the weekend. I had to share it with you. I woke up just to right this post and I will go back to bed as soon as I’m done. I’m still feeling a little orgasmic.

As the world starts celebrating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, things in Bangkok are a little hunky-dory. I just got back from a lovely Thai thanksgiving weekend and I’m already bored. Things in Thailand are so different this time.

Boom Boom in Thai

Alterative to Boom Boom in Thai Go Go Bars

It feels like a very dead night in Nana Plaza and it seemed like I won’t be getting any Thailand Boom Boom action tonight. Thankfully, things took a turn for the better when an old flame of mine who I met after my Thai Cupid Review messaged me out of nowhere. Now, I must warn you that she’s a Bangkok Ladyboy. I know that this does not appeal to everyone but it must be said that there’s always something sexy about these ladyboys. You just have to see it to believe it. I know that you feel tempted to visit a Blowjob Bars in Bangkok or you may want to check out the other Red Light District in Bangkok, but I can assure you that this is the ultimate experience.

Ladyboy Bangkok Action

We started chatting online for a few hours. Little back and forth with a lot of small talks. I was in the mood to meet her but she said she would need some time as she was at a friend’s place. We exchanged a lot of pleasantries and bonded on topics of how the coronavirus has changed our lives.

She’s a great gal and there is no denying that she loves to party. But she was skeptical about the meeting which was a let down at first. She asked me if I had been tested and if I was safe. What a strange world this place has become. In order to boom boom in Thailand, the tables have turned and it’s the girls that ask us if we have been tested. Oh well.

So, I told her that I was negative in my last test a few days ago and she agreed to meet me. We decided to meet at a local bar that was near to my condo. Things are deserted and everything looks so dull these days. It’s tough for people here. I can feel their pain. But nevertheless, I wanted to get some action and this Bangkok ladyboy was down to action.

Bj Bars in Bangkok

She promised me more fun than the Boom Boom in Pattaya session we had a year ago. Pattaya is great but I’m not too fond of the Boom Boom in Pattaya. If you know what I mean.

When it comes to Boom Boom in Thai, Bangkok is where my heart is. It’s the best place ever to start meeting girls. You simply cannot go wrong with Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

Jimmy, Bangkok Punters

Boom Boom in Thai Condo

The Bangkok Ladyboy accompanies me back to my apartment and what followed was total bliss. She was super excited to be with me. It seemed like she has not gotten any action for long. I was happy to oblige and asked her that before we get into the Thailand Boom Boom session if she could give me a good back massage. I wanted to get into the mood before I could bang her brains out. She was a complete sport.

She told me to lay on my tummy and she got to work on my back. While she massaged my back, I could feel her hands and fingers run their way down my spine into my butt. She would tickle my crack gently and try to cup the sack too. I had to lift my hips for her to get a good hold of my member. Before you know it, I was in the mood and she turned me over. She started blowing me like a choo-choo train and it was heaven. I had been dying to get sucked off in Bangkok for a long time and this was the perfect way to end the Thanksgiving weekend.

Boom Boom in Pattaya

There She Blows

She wanted to ride me so she got on top of me and I got inside her. I always go in covered so if you’re going to ask me if I went in bareback, the answer is always going to be no. We played with each other for maybe 40 minutes before she took me in her mouth again and I shot my load off. She was happy to drink it all in. It’s been a while since a girl did CIM for me. It was exquisite. I felt like she was cleaning my pipes really well.

Directly Boom Boom in Thai Girls

If you want to know which girl this is, I can share the details with you. Hit me up on my Bangkok Punters Twitter account and we can talk there. Trust me when I say that if you want to Boom Boom in Thai girls, this is the best deal you are going to get. Overall, it was a great weekend. I want to meet her again. She promised to take me to a couple of New GoGo Bars opening up in Bangkok. So you guys should know that I shall be reviewing new adult entertainment places very soon.

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