I have been to the Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand Areas. All of them have something unique to offer. There are girls of all sizes and ethnicities in Thailand and when it comes to options, there are plenty. Some of the most popular Bangkok Red Light Districts are the ones that are super popular. Those are the ones I am going to cover today. There are other smaller nooks and crannies too where you can find women to meet but these three districts I am going to share are all you need to know about.

History of Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand

Prostitution was made legal in Thailand in 1960 because of the United Nations and the pressure was put on the government to tackle the problem of child-trafficking and other illegal activities. Since then, Bangkok and Pattaya have thrived to become the sex capitals of the world and today house some of the best legal brothels and red light areas around the world.

Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand Bars

Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand Hotels

I will be speaking about Soi Nana, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong which are famous red-light areas in Bangkok and they all are extremely safe. The hotels around these areas are super affordable and luxurious too. You can find any hotel that fits your budget too. There are 3-star properties that cost up to 400 Baht and day and 5-star deluxe hotels that are around 2000 Baht a day. There are plenty of choices. But if you are looking to bring back a girl to your hotel, then do not stay at a hostel and instead check out my post on Best Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok.

Soi Nana Bars

Perhaps, the most popular district ever, Soi Nana is termed as Asia’s largest adult playground. Nana Plaza is a Red Light District in Bangkok is where punters like you first start their trip. It’s a super safe and secure place crowded with girls and filled with bars beyond what your eye can see. There are plenty of bars around the Soi Nana region and each bar has a unique characteristic to it.

Bars in Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand

There are BJ Bars, beer bars, and girly bars, each of which is there to entertain you if you have the money. Soi Nana is a plaza of sorts. There are 4 levels of bars and strip clubs that have both ladies and ladyboys dancing on stages. You can take a walk around the plaza and see the girls. Some will lure you inside and once you’re there, I doubt you will ever want to leave.

Beer Bars in Nana

There are also a few normal beer bars around Soi Nana like Big Dogs and Hooters where you can sit down and enjoy a glass of beer without being bothered by the constant array of girls trying to get you to take them back to your hotel room. I really like Soi Nana better than any other place in Bangkok. The security is tight, the place is clean and the girls are wonderful. As long as you are there to enjoy yourself and not create trouble, you will be welcomed.

Ping Pong Show in Bangkok

Of course, there are some bars that you should totally avoid but there are some that you cannot miss. I love some GoGo Bars in Soi Nana like Angel Witch and Billboard. These are two places where the girls get completed naked for you. Billboard has a bath tub inside too where the girls start playing with each other. It’s a great fun place. If you like ladyboys, go to Straps, another go-go bar for the more adventurous.

Soi Cowboy GoGo Bars

On the other end of Sukhumvit Road, 2 kilometers away from Soi Nana (Nana Plaza) is Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is one of the oldest abd boldest Bangkok Red Light District places where you can go to get a drink and get frisky with some really freaky girls. It’s comparitively smaller than Nana Plaza but makes up for it when it comes to the quality of girls. The bars are a little better too in my opinion.

The girls at Soi Cowboy know that they face steep competition with Soi Nana so they do whatever they have to do to ensure that they can keep things interesting. Soi Cowboy is a long street filled with bars on both sides of the road. The girls here stand outside the bar and act as cayotes to lure you into their establishments. Bars in this area are mostly themed so if you like the idea of a nurse of a jungle cat giving you a lap dance, this is the place to go.

Soi Cowboy Red Light Area

Suzie Wongs is one of the oldest and overrated places to go to if you are in Soi Cowboy. Do not get me wrong. It’s still a great GoGo bar but over time, there have been so many more that have come up here. Take a walk once or twice down the street and you will sooner or later find yourself entering a bar that you like.

Patpong Girly Bars

This Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand has been on the downtrend for a while now. This is because most of the tourism investment is done far away into the Sukhumvit area. While the bars may be old and the girls not as pretty as the ones in Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, they are cheaper and less crowded. So, if you like the idea of going to a traditional Thai Bangkok Red Light District, this is the place for you. Beers are cheap and the lady drinks are even cheaper. You can do a bit of shopping outside too if you are in the mood. Just make sure that if you want to check out the adult attractions at Patpong, then you need to find a hotel that is close to this area.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Patpong is famous for the ping pong show which can be a complete rip off in my opinion. It’s not something you want to see unless you don’t mind getting scammed. Ping pong shows across Thailand are designed to lure customers inside, show them, girls, doing a couple of adult-themed tricks, and then overcharging customers for drinks. It’s a total scam. Best avoided. There are better Massage Parlors in Bangkok to try if you are in the mood. Patpong also has a number of great Bangkok Ladyboy bars so be prepared to give yourself a great new experience too.

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