nana plaza


So I started walking down Soi 4 Nana Plaza just before evening and I thought I would do a small recording for you guys just to show you what it’s like before all the punters come out to play. Enjoy. It’s not every day you get to see these girls at their best. Nana Plaza and Soi 4 in Bangkok is one of those places where girls come up to you. You can literally ask…

3 days ago I went to Butterflies Bangkok on the top floor, right-hand side in Nana Plaza. The place was fairly packed and I was shown a single chair to the left of the entrance. A few good-looking girls dancing. But on the topless stage to the left, there was no one that really caught my interest. I bought a beer and watched as a new set of girls entered the stage. Still, nothing really…

Just spent 2 whole weeks in Bangkok, the city of Angels scouting for the best GoGo Bar Girls. Although I had to work during the day and entertain a friend of a friend for a couple of days, I managed to get out on 6 nights. Which is more than I normally do. I visit...

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