Taking a walk down Walking Street of Pattaya is a beautiful experience. It’s filled with entertainment options that you can only imagine or fantasize about. The music, the noise, the naughty girls, and the neon lights are sure to get you excited. It’s a road where dreams come true for girls as well as punters like us.

When you arrive in Thailand, GoGo Bars in Bangkok is the first thing you should do. After you’ve tried to meet a Sideline Girl in Thailand, head on over to Pattaya. I promise you that you won’t regret your decision. Pattaya Girls are hot and kinky.

I have met a few people that say they get overwhelmed with all the chaos. This can be true so I want you to take your time and not be in a hurry. Think straight and ascertain that you are there to have a good time. It does not matter if you are into partying or if you just like to meet girls, Pattaya is a great option for you.

Walking Street of Pattaya

There are a few things you need to know before you get on over to the Walking Street of Pattaya. It’s open through the day but there’s traffic there too. The road closes for vehicles between 7 PM and 3 AM. That is the correct time to be there. If you go there in the afternoon, you’ll find it crowded and you’ll be drenched in sweat from the infamous Thailand heat. Once the sun has set, head on over. That being said, the best time to be there is 11 PM. That is when the place truly comes alive.

To get to Walking Street, you can walk along the beach from Central Pattaya. You can also take a tuk-tuk, but be ready for the driver to try to fleece you. Once you reach your destination, you’ll see girls everywhere. Soak it all in. Here are 10 things you need to do when you get to Walking Street of Pattaya.

1. Watch a Band Perform

I know this sounds weird, but get on over to a bar where a live band is performing. Thai girls love to hang out at these places. You will find a lot of sideline girls here that are part-time lovers and are looking for a good fling. They’re cheaper but be careful not to fall in love with their false promises. Beers are cheap here too. It costs around 100 Baht for a Chang. It’s a nice to place to chill, take in the view of the road, the girls, and at the same time enjoy some sweet music.

Walking Street of Pattaya
Bands Performing at Bars on Walking Street

2. Eat a Meal with a Sideline Girl

As I said, there are plenty of women ready to come out with you. Meet a girl on Tinder or ThaiFriendly and ask her to join you for a meal at one of the many restaurants on Walking Street. Thai girls love food. I have no idea how they maintain their figure but they can surely eat a lot. The benefit of going out with a sideline girl is that you can assure yourself that she knows what to order. A full wholesome meal at one of these restaurants will cost you around 1000 Baht for 2 people.

3. Go to a Beer Bar on the Walking Street of Pattaya

These are those bars that have seats facing the road. It’s a great place to unwind and see the girls around. You will get to see guys negotiate with working girls and how they seal the deal. It’s also an opportunity for you to scout the area to find a girl that you like. What I like to see is the shock and awe of general tourists around the area that are mesmerized by the culture shock. You should note that there are a lot of tourists in the area that come there just for fun and not mongering. Buy a beer and take a seat to see how the night unfolds.

Walking Street of Pattaya
The Views from Beer Bars

4. See a Sex Show

Ok. So, this is a hit or miss. I generally tell people to avoid going to see a Ping Pong Show because there are a lot of reports where tourists get scammed into paying big bills. But how can a trip to the Walking Street of Pattaya be complete without seeing a sex show? The best way to find a good Sex Show is to do a little research and see where other mongers go.

Carry only a little cash with you and leave all your valuables in your hotel locker. Do not show off or show that you have a lot of money. Find a show that is relatively nice, tell them that you do not want to buy drinks. Pretend you are sick if you need to. Sex shows can be expensive so ask them what is the final price at the door. Do not go in groups where you cannot keep a tab on the bar bill. Go with one other person if you need to so that you are not alone. The goal here is to avoid getting ripped off, so pretend that you know the place, the laws and you are a serious player.

A Menu Card for a Sex Show Ping Pong
A Menu Card for a Sex Show

5. Go to a Close Curtain BJ Bar

Most of the good BJ Bars are just off Walking Street. It’s popularly known as Soi BJ. Ask around, anyone can guide you. Google maps can be your friend too. Close curtain bars are bars that have cubicles that can be closed with a curtain for privacy. A girl joins you inside, you drink a beer and she blows you. It’s a lot of fun. Once you pop, you are done and you can leave. I personally recommend that you do not drink here because you are going to need both your hands to hold her hair.

Girls Waiting at Lick BJ Bar
Girls Waiting at Lick BJ Bar

6. Get a Foot Massage at the Walking Street of Pattaya

Since you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around, give your feet some pampering. You will need it because the night won’t get over and you’ll be taking multiple rounds around the Walking Street of Pattaya. Of course, this is a totally non-sexual massage but the sheer feeling of a girl massaging your feet while you rest on her bosom is something you will learn to appreciate. Think of it as foreplay for what comes next.

Getting a Relaxing Foot Massage
Getting a Relaxing Foot Massage

7. Get a Happy Ending Massage

There are nooks and crannies around Pattaya’s Walking Street that have massage shops that offer great body massages and an ever better happier ending. Pick a girl, tell her what you want, and ask if extras are available. Let her start off by giving you a good rub down. You can opt for a Nuru Massage too if you feel like it. Then when you turn over, show her how tall your flag is pointing. She will be happy to take off the towel and give you a tug. Leave with a smile on your face. Take a look at some great Massage Parlours in Bangkok.

Nuru Massages are Amazing!
Nuru Massages are Amazing!

8. Go to a GoGo Bar

This is where all the madness happens. The music and thrill of being surrounded by hot Thai girls are sure to give you a raging boner. Flirt, play, and fool around with the girls dancing on stage with you. Call her over for an LD and ask her if you can touch her. She will oblige. Talk to the mamasan of the GoGo Bar if you want to bar fine her. Take her to your hotel and she will show you just how good Thai girls are. There are some debates that are still going strong about which girls are the best, Bangkok or Pattaya.

GoGo Bars Have Great Dancers
GoGo Bars Have Great Dancers

9. Grind with a Girl at a Nightclub

Thailand’s weather is not the only thing that is hot. The girls are hotter too. When you go to a nightclub, chances are guaranteed that you will meet a girl that wants to party with you. Dance with her. Grind on her and show her a good time. Buy her a few drinks but don’t get her drunk. You want her sober for the night back at your place. There are plenty of great nightclubs in Pattaya so choose wisely. I always recommend Insomnia iBar. I’ve met plenty of spinners there and taken them home for LT at just 1500 Baht.

Go Dancing with Girls at a Nightclub
Go Dancing with Girls at a Nightclub

10. Pick up a Freelancer at Walking Street of Pattaya

As the night starts closing in, you’ll see a lot of freelancer girls on Walking Street trying to make deals with a lot of guys. They know they need a place to stay and are more than willing to have breakfast with you the next day. Pattaya freelancers are hot but you need to be able to find one that you want. Talk to the girls on the street. Ask them what they can do for you. Be clear about your intentions and I’m sure they will take care of you. Freelancers on Walking Street can be bagged at around 1500 Baht for LT and 900 Baht for ST. It’s all up to your negotiation skills now.

Walking Street of Pattaya
Pick Up a Freelancer from Beach Road

There you have it. You know exactly what to do when you visit Walking Street of Pattaya. If you want to see more about the place, join us on our Youtube Channel where we have live streams from Pattaya’s Hottest GoGo Bars or Instagram where we post up pictures.

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