Last night I contacted one of my Line App Prostitutes in Bangkok, whom I met a couple of weeks before and have already met twice. She’s not very good at sex but gives somewhat passable GFE, like cuddling, tight hugging in missionary, kissing neck, etc. As this and the title of the post must have suggested already, last night I met her for the third and last time. The encounter was nothing extraordinary, especially in comparison to my last encounter with “Thai Friendly Gems”, so I will try to keep this post short.

Called her in the morning, asked if she’s available. She was and asked if I want to meet (ready to fuck). Don’t know why she asked, otherwise why would I have messaged her. Anyways, arranged the meeting for 9 pm. She came around 9:15, which is not really a problem. If you know anything about What Happens Inside a GoGo Bar, then you know what to expect here too.

Rent a Prostitute in Thailand
Rent a Prostitute in Thailand

Prostitutes in Bangkok

We talked a little bit, although she can understand English quite well her English vocabulary is very limited because of which she mixes some Thai words in English. So the chat was short and I wasn’t into the talk this time. Went in the shower together, and like last two time, she is fun in the shower. In the end, she sat down on her knees and gave me a 1-2 min blowjob.

Then we got into the bed and she started kissing my body. And let me be a little confessional here. I don’t have that good chemistry or rapport with her, as I had with many other regular contacts. The only reason we were meeting for the third time was that her fee is just 1000 Baht. So, while she was kissing my body up-and-down, I asked her to do directly BBBJ. Her skills in this department are not too good. She surely won’t be in my top 5, but neither in my worst 5. This is good, because little Johnny is still recovering from the previous encounter with the ‘Thai Friendly Gem‘, when he almost came in 10 seconds. She did her best for 5 minutes but I was no way close to coming. Back to my former form.

Freelancers in Bangkok are Kinky

After that we started doing reverse cowgirl, she was riding really fast which I don’t like. Asked her to do it slowly, while I enjoyed the view from behind. Then I sat up and fondled her small and soft boobs. After that we changed positions a couple of times, nothing to shout about, I came in standing doggy after 20 minutes. She was tired and a little annoyed. But she got happy when I gave her 500 Baht tips with her usual 1K fee.

I am sharing her pics, she’s 75% of what pics show. The skin is not as smooth as pics show. You can find her details in the directory section of our VIP Members features.

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