It was Friday night and I had a lot of options open that fitted with my Bangkok Red Light Area Price requirements. I could’ve repeated most of the girls I had met. I was getting Line messages the entire day as most of the girls knew I was leaving on Sunday. But new pussy was always the priority so I decided to check out Thermae one last time as I hadn’t been there on a weekend, so wanted to check out the vibe. Hit the cheapskate back entrance as usual at around 12 am.

Bangkok Red Light Area Price for Girls

Drifted around twice and spotted my top 3 for the night. Saw mostly new faces and just a couple of familiar ones, but neither of my previous pick-ups. I had developed a new strategy for Thermae, and this time I was about to implement it. Feeling cocky and confident, I didn’t even bother about the swarms of Asian guys present, by now I knew they were merely a waste of space as most were just wallowing window shoppers. On all 3 trips, I could count how many guys actually took girls out. So with that in mind, I approached number 3 who kept looking at me whenever I glanced in her direction. She was standing in front of 2 other girls that weren’t my type. As I got closer, her defensive measures were deployed, a fold of the arms, a look away, and a diminished smile.

Outside the Thermae Bar on Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok Red Light Area Price for This Girl

I knew exactly what she was going to say, but proceeded anyway. When I was in touching distance she began the shake of the head, looked at me, and said ‘sorry, I only go with Asians’, to which I replied, ‘That’s nice, but I want to speak to the girl behind you’, signaling her to move aside, ‘Kor Thod kap, can I get passed?’ The look on her face was fucking priceless! She scooted over in shock, so I could kick up a conversation with the average girl behind her. I just greeted the other girl, said she looked suay mak which brought a huge smile to her face. She said she’ll go with me for 2500 Baht. I said, okay but maybe later. She gave me her name and asked if I wanted her number, so I took it down, thanked her, and said goodbye.

Scoping Out the Talent

As I squeezed past number 3, I said, ‘sorry about that, but you’re not my type. And I walked off feeling her staring daggers at my back. Number 2 on the list reminded me of my 1st Thermae girl, very prissy and posh looking but expressionless and pouty. However, version 2 had a seriously sexy figure on her. She was sitting at the center bar towards the back end of Thermae.

I stood near her for a while and then approached her, leaned in, and whispered, ‘Do you only go with Asian guys, or do you go with handsome guys too?’ She burst out laughing, and for the first time, I saw her beautiful smile and her face light up. I have to say that she was even more beautiful up close. She just smiled at me and said, she’s going to go home, and doesn’t want to go with anyone. I said that’s fine, but perhaps I could meet her another time. And she agreed, so I got her Line and phone number, thanked her, and left.

Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand
Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand

2 Strikes So Far

That was 2 strikes, but I didn’t really care. I was confident I could get number 2 after Thermae closed. My number 1 for the night was easily the hottest girl at Thermae that night. I had watched her red card with 2 other guys who stopped to chat previously. Strangely enough, they were Asian dudes but looked like they just got out of bed with their sleep pants and slops on. I headed to the bar and got an orange juice, she was standing in a group of 4 girls just to the side of the till counter near the entrance.

Asking Tough Questions

I walked up to her, and did the exact same routine, ‘Do you only go with Asian guys, or do you go with handsome guys too?’ Both her friend and her cracked up in laughter. I took another sip of my drink and awaited her response. She bit her lip and asked where I was staying, so I told her it’s a Thong Lor apartment. She said okay, she’ll go for 3500 Baht ST because it’s far away. Honestly, I didn’t even consider negotiating, I accepted and smiled. She said I could finish my drink and we’ll head off.

I moved over to the bar to finish up my drink and as I did another Asian dude approached her, and got shut down. She was a very pretty girl, too pretty, with contacts, perfect makeup, beautiful skin and a husky voice which made me wonder. . . As we headed out, I asked if she was a LB, and she started laughing. She said that LB’s aren’t allowed in there, the owner forbids it, but she showed me her ID card anyway and started laughing. I just told her that she was very beautiful and her husky voice was the reason I asked.

Taking Her Home

Back at my apartment, this stunning 26 year old was really cool, friendly, and interesting. Got chatting about her job as a MAC cosmetics consultant, her family, etc, said it was only her 3rd time at Thermae Cafe and decided to join her friend who goes there regularly.

Soon enough, she hit the shower as I awaited her on the bed. She got out and joined me as I unwrapped the towel to inspect the goods. Wow, aside from her trimmed Bush, this girl was flawless. Perfectly enhanced see-cups, nice enough ass, beautiful skin, no tattoos, no scarring, sexy legs, and an inviting pussy that I couldn’t wait to taste. But first, the BJ request, which she didn’t even blink at, and began arousing me with a B2B rub over, using her hard perky nipples like acupuncture needles trying to pierce my pressure points, while kissing all over my body and stroking my boy to get him hard.

She was very hygiene conscious and wiped my dick with a wet wipe and tissue before she began a pleasurable oral exercise with plenty of nut sack licking, sucking, and stroking. Just seeing her beautiful face at the end of my cock was a sight to behold. Again after the BJ, she wiped him off with tissues then got on her back so I could begin some foreplay of my own.

Sensual Girl

She did DFK, but not a lot, and too much licking on her neck caused her some concern as her skin was very sensitive (I did see the red marks it caused, later on, confirming this), so I just enjoyed her beautiful tits, belly, thighs and legs, and got back up to her pussy for some delectable cunnilingus cuisine. She was so tasty and a pleasure to please. Her sweet sensual moans just spurred me on as I grappled her to climax.

Bangkok Red Light Area Price for Value

There were no safe words with her, she would just tap out on my arm and on the bed like I was a UFC jiu-jitsu fighter keeping her pussy in a tongue lock. Her clit became overly sensitive after orgasm, and even with the tap-outs, I was relentless. I wanted to make her squirm in pure punctilious pleasure. This was a no ‘holes’ barred contest, and her cute asshole got a tongue fucking too. With all orifices sodomized by my saliva, I was finally ready to penetrate her cum-withering pussy.

Rubbered up, and began a half an hour frantic fuck session with plenty of positions, which ended in a flat doggy CIP. She is beautiful, but I appreciate that she can also take a pounding without complaints. She’s not exactly GFE or PSE, and she’s certainly not a starfish. She’s just a hottie that you want to fuck, who will try and please you the best she can with most requests, and in the process, looks fucking beautiful doing it. And that’s the reason that she was the first girl I repeated the very next night. She may be on Instagram.

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