Remember when I wrote great things about Bunny Massage Bangkok when I was staying at the Admiral Suites Bangkok? With my confidence reaching new highs and endurance levels comparable to Olympians, physique not so much, I started out my day by heading to one of the Best BJ Bars in Bangkok in Thong Lor called Bunny.

Checking Out Bunny Massage Bangkok

I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. So a happy ending massage after a good breakfast was ideal. The lineup was minimal. There were 4 girls present at that hour. Girls were average at best. But young Nene looked like she had a nice set of tits. That was most appealing. The price was 900 Baht for 50 minutes ie the BJ package. Headed upstairs to the room and had a quick washdown. She told me to lay down for her performance. Started off with a light 10-minute massage which was okay. But I hastily turned over for the real massage.

Bunny Massage Bangkok
Bunny Massage Bangkok

This Girl Had Skills

She began quite enthusiastically, showing off her varied BBBJ skills expecting me to be a regular 10-minute popper. But little did she know that she was up against a well-practiced near 3-week long marathon fucking machine. Twenty minutes later, watching her head bob up and down, additional stimulus was required.. So I casually asked her to remove her top, so I could see her set of tits. She said she couldn’t because I didn’t discuss it with the mamasan. So I said fuck the mamasan, I’ll give her a tip to see the tits. She agreed and began removing her top. Whips off the bra and for fuck sakes, a set of tiny 32 A’s hidden behind a thickly padded see cup bra exposed themselves. The fucking con artist just looked at me and smiled shyly.

She Also Had Small Tits

That’s just fucked up. I hope she knew the meaning of open-locked jaw because I wasn’t going to let that slide. I mean the only reason I chose her was because of her tits, and now there weren’t any. So I grabbed some fingertips full, just to say well, and let her proceed with her task at hand. Her skills were pretty good, she used mostly her mouth, very sloppy and pleasurable, but she lacked experience, she lacked the knowledge of how to become one with the cock. She had no sense of what the beating and throbbing meant. She couldn’t read between the lines.

Bunny Massage Bangkok
Comfortable Seating at Bunny Massage Bangkok

Bunny Massage Bangkok Final CIM

Every time I got close to spilling, she’d stop for a break or go down to lick my balls again. She ended up blowing me for a further 40 minutes, going way over the time constraint. So to finally put her out of her misery, I gave her some simple advice which included using both her hands and all her saliva to jerk me off, while blowing me at the same time. It was a lesson she will remember forever, as within 5 minutes I fired off in her mouth with her lips sucking off every drop. Was a fantastic CIM.

Nene was great, I prefer BJ’s with no hands, but only if deep throating is a possibility. After she spat out and brushed her teeth, she told me that she doesn’t usually take a CIM but she wanted to make me happy because I took so long to cum. Wise words by a smart girl, as she received a 200 Baht tip and I fucked off to do some shopping.

The Bottom Line

Never select a girl if you can’t see her naked. This is only available when you are GoGo Bar Hopping because all the girls are topless. Also, always check out their Instagram accounts so that you know what they really look like. But overall, if you want a good release, go to Bunny Massage in Thong Lor Bangkok.

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