After my afternoon shopping spree at Emquartier, I headed to the BTS to get back home. At the platform, I saw an absolute stunner of a girl standing alone waiting for the train. I know this to be a regular occurrence in Bangkok so didn’t think much of it, until we both got off at Thong Lor. As I mentioned earlier, my confidence levels were so high after all the ordinary girls and freelancers I fucked, dates I went on and bedding my Holly’s coffee girl who was 1 of the hottest woman I had seen in Bkk, that no approachable woman was out of my range. So I went up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and said Hi. She stopped, smiled and looked at me as I popped my phone in front of her face. I had translated an English greeting and compliment to her in Thai. She looked confusedly at the screen, so I asked her if she understood the translation, and she said No in English.

I then asked if she was Thai, and she said no, she’s Korean. LOL, oops. So I began chatting to her and asked what she was doing in Thailand, and she said she’s on holiday. I then asked where she was heading to, and she said her hotel. So I asked her if she’d like to get some coffee, and first she shook her head as she wasn’t expecting me to be hitting on her, I’m guessing she thought I was looking for directions initially, but after I chatted a bit more, she said okay, but just a few minutes. So we headed off to Goodfellas a quaint little coffee shop I had frequented and ordered some cappuccinos. She was really cute and had a voluptuous figure hidden behind her body-hugging sheath dress. All I could think about was pressing up against her naked body and DFK her luscious looking lips.

I fucking tried my best to flirt, persuade and seduce her to my apartment, but alas she wouldn’t budge. Said she was heading out the next morning to Krabi so wanted to pack and get an early rest. She did say I could meet her when she returned the following week, but I wouldn’t have been in Thailand then. She had something called Kaokao talk messenger which I didn’t have, so just swapped contact numbers and went our separate ways.

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