The first girl I met, she was on Smooci but the Smooci website seems more related to issues with the service/app vs. Reviews so I’ll leave a review here. I dunno why but I feel partial to independents, so I focused my searching there. I bought a subscription a couple of weeks before arriving so I could read reviews and do some research that way. I saved a bunch of profiles but sadly by the time I got here most of them hadn’t been online for a while. But a few were. I loved the photos of a girl called Methys, but honestly, I was a bit hesitant because her rates are so low, and she only had a handful of reviews. The reviews were mostly positive, but still, I had a bit of hesitation. Anyway overcame that and booked her for a two-hour session the first or second night in town, and I couldn’t have been happier. She is LOVELY. Very pretty, very sensual, fantastic natural body, all services as described. She even wanted to stay over LT for the 2-hour rate (in fact we fell asleep for a couple of hours together), but I just can’t sleep well with girls in the room so I somewhat reluctantly called it a night. I’m still slightly regretting that. Probably would have been worth it to get a bad night’s sleep and enjoy some good morning sex with her. I was hoping to see her again before I left, but you know how it goes. Too many options, not enough time!

The second girl was a pickup from Thermae my last night in town. I stopped in there briefly the first night I got here. Had it on my list as a good prospect because I truly love picking up independents from bars. But it’s such a weird place, that first night I walked in, drank my beer quickly, and just walked back out. I couldn’t get comfortable with it for whatever reason; I guess I was hoping for a spot to just sit down, drink a beer or two, and chat up a few ladies. Thermae is definitely not that place! But when I went back I was in a better head space as I knew what I was in for. I hung out a bit, tried to avoid laps and find a spot in the middle, and just took in the action for a half hour or so. Eventually, I spotted a very pretty girl who seemed a bit of an outlier to the rest of the crowd, so a quick chat, quick negotiation (2500 offer, countered 2000 and accepted, but ended up tipping her the +500 anyway), and we were on our way. Back at the hotel, she was wonderful. No BBBJ sadly, but while CBJ for sure is not my preference, I much prefer a good wet pussy to a wet mouth so no big deal. And wet she was. Multi-orgasmic, super passionate, DFK, all in all probably a tie with Methys for my best evening of the trip. I got her number and will for sure call her if / when I’m back in town.

I also spent a couple of hours the last night at Beer Garden, it’s a weird spot but it kind of grows on you. One thing I dislike is that I felt tied to my spot at the bar because of the ticketing system. Maybe that’s just me and there’s a workaround, but I felt I had to close out my bill to move to another spot near a lady I fancied. Turns out nothing transpired there anyway, but for guys like me who prefer MILFs to 19-year-old Bar girls, it’s a fertile hunting ground. And there definitely were at least a couple stunners there; one already occupied and got taken out shortly after I arrived, the other who caught my eye was sitting just a couple seats away but seemed disinterested the few times I tried to make eye contact and smile. Then of course when I paid my bill and got up to leave she asked where I was going so soon, but by that time, I was committed to checking out Thermae so. See’est la vie. I also really liked the music (and the fact that it’s not so loud to blast our your eardrums), but it’s too damned hot in there.

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