The first girl I met used to work at Beer Garden Bangkok. She was on Smooci but the Smooci website seems more related to issues with the service/app vs. Reviews so I’ll leave a review here. I don’t understand why but I feel partial to independents, so I focused my searching there. So, I bought a subscription a couple of weeks before arriving so I could read reviews and do some research that way. I saved a bunch of profiles but sadly by the time I got here most of them hadn’t been online for a while.

Smooci Before Beer Garden Bangkok

But a few were. I loved the photos of a girl called Methys, but honestly, I was a bit hesitant because her rates are so low, and she only had a handful of reviews. The reviews were mostly positive, but still, I had a bit of hesitation. Anyway overcame that and booked her for a two-hour session the first or second night in town, and I couldn’t have been happier. She is LOVELY. Very pretty, very sensual, fantastic natural body, all services as described.

She even wanted to stay over LT for the 2-hour rate (in fact we fell asleep for a couple of hours together), but I just can’t sleep well with girls in the room so I somewhat reluctantly called it a night. I’m still slightly regretting that. Probably would have been worth it to get a bad night’s sleep and enjoy some good morning sex with her. I was hoping to see her again before I left, but you know how it goes. Too many options, not enough time!

Thermae Cafe Girls

The second girl was a pickup from Thermae Cafe my last night in town. I stopped in there briefly the first night I got here. Had it on my list as a good prospect because I truly love picking up independents from bars. But it’s such a weird place, that first night I walked in, drank my beer quickly, and just walked back out. I couldn’t get comfortable with it for whatever reason; I guess I was hoping for a spot to just sit down, drink a beer or two, and chat up a few ladies.

Thermae Cafe

Thermae is definitely not that place! But when I went back I was in a better headspace as I knew what I was in for. I hung out a bit, tried to avoid laps and find a spot in the middle, and just took in the action for a half hour or so. Eventually, I spotted a very pretty girl who seemed a bit of an outlier to the rest of the crowd, so a quick chat, quick negotiation (2500 offer, countered 2000 and accepted, but ended up tipping her the +500 anyway), and we were on our way.

Back at the hotel, she was wonderful. No BBBJ sadly, but while CBJ for sure is not my preference, I much prefer a good wet pussy to a wet mouth so no big deal. And yet she was. Multi-orgasmic, super passionate, DFK, all in all probably a tie with Methys for my best evening of the trip. I got her number and will for sure call her if / when I’m back in town.

Heading Out to Beer Garden Bangkok

After checking out Lolitas Bangkok, I also spent a couple of hours the last night at Beer Garden, it’s a weird spot but it kind of grows on you. One thing I dislike is that I felt tied to my spot at the bar because of the ticketing system. Maybe that’s just me and there’s a workaround, but I felt I had to close out my bill to move to another spot near a lady I fancied.

Beer Garden Bangkok

Turns out nothing transpired there anyway, but for guys like me who prefer MILFs to 19-year-old Bar girls, it’s a fertile hunting ground. And there definitely were at least a couple of stunners there; one already occupied and got taken out shortly after I arrived, the other who caught my eye was sitting just a couple seats away but seemed disinterested the few times I tried to make eye contact and smile. Then of course when I paid my bill and got up to leave she asked where I was going so soon, but by that time, I was committed to checking out Thermae so. C’est la vie. I also really liked the music (and the fact that it’s not so loud to blast our your eardrums), but it’s too damned hot in there. If you want to find out other beer places to drink at, follow me on Twitter.

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