Learning Thai is not as difficult as you think. If you really want to make the most of your trip here, it is important that you pick up a few Basic Thai Phrases because it is super important especially when you want to pick up girls.  A lot of people think that Thai is a super difficult language to talk but that’s really not true. So, I’m going to break it down for you and ensure that these phrases you learn will cover everything you need as a tourist or monger. Get ready, you’re going to get good at talking in Thai in no time.

One thing to note is that the Thai language is very tonal. It depends a lot on your pronunciation and how you move your tongue around. It may sound nasal at first but once you pick it up, you’ll soon realize that it’s more tonal than nasal. Before your next trip to Thailand, I’d love you to keep on practicing these basic phrases in Thai so that when you start talking to ladies, they’ll know you are serious.

Basic Phrases in Thai for Greetings

Greeting anyone in Thailand is super important. It is a sign of peace and maturity. It is super impolite to not greet anyone you interact with. These are the super basic phrases you need to learn to make new friends, exchange moments, and pick up girls too.

  1. Hello = Sawatdi (Sa-Wat-Di)
  2. How are You? = Sabaaidii mai? (Sabai- Di-Mai)
  3. I’m not feeling  good = Mai Sabaii (Mai-Sabai)
  4. I’m doing great = Sabaaidi (Sabai-Di)
  5. Where are you from? = Kun maa jaak bprateet arai? (Kun-Ma-Jak-Bapreet-Arai)
  6. I am from Norway = Pom Maa Jaak Norway (Phom-Ma-Jak-Norway)
  7. Thanks/ Thank You = Khopkun (Khop-Kun)
  8. Sorry = Khot Hort (Kot-Hort)
  9. No Problem = Mai bpenrai (Mai-Penrai)
  10. Bye = Bai (Baii)
  11. Can you speak English? = Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai (Kun-Pod-Pasa-Angrit-Dai-Mai)
  12. What is your name? = Kun chuu arai? (Khun-Chu-Arai)
  13. My Name is Jimmy = Pom Chu Jimmy (Phom- Chu-Jimmy)

General Words in Thai for Questions

There is a certain way questions are asked in Thai. Locals are generally very polite people and they have a very sweet tonality when it comes to asking questions. Always make sure you ask questions in a humble and polite way. Here are a few questions you can ask.

  1. Where = Tiinai (Ti-Nai)
  2. When = Muarai (Mu-Arai)
  3. Why = Tum Mai (Toom-Mai)
  4. What = Arai (Arai)
  5. How = Yangngai (Yang -Nai)

Basic Words in Thai for Acknowledgment

The roles of masculine and feminine grammar in Thai is very intriguing. I really don’t expect you to master this but if you can, it would be super awesome. It will be amazing if you know how to address people depending on their sex, age, region etc. Let’s take a look at a few basic phrases in Thai for addressing them.

  1. I (Female)  = Chan (Chan)
  2. I (Male) =  Pom (Pom)
  3. You = Kun (Koon)
  4. He/She/They = Kao (Khao)
  5. Young Man or Woman = Nong (Nong)
  6. Senior Man or Woman = Pee (Pee)

Basic Words in Thai for Travelling Around

You will need to find your way around  Thailand by using Taxis, Busses, Tuk-Tuks, or the BTS. In order to make sure you don’t get swindled, you will need to learn a few basic phrases that can help you get around. The goal here is to help you get from one place to another without feeling lost.

  1. Will you use the meter? = Chai meter mai (Chai-Meter-Mai)
  2. Keep going straight = Dtrong Bpai (Dee-Trong-Bapai)
  3. Please speak slowly = Puut chaa chaa noi (Put-Cha-Cha-Noi)
  4. Go right = Leo Kwaa (Li-o-Kwa)
  5. Go left = Leo Saai (Li-o-Sai)
  6. Nearby = Glai Glai (Gly Gly)
  7. Stop Here = Yut (Yoot)
  8. Go to Airport = Bpai sanam bin (Bapai-Sa-Nam-Bin)
  9. Let’s Go to the Station = Bpai Sataanii (Bapai-Sa-tani)
  10. Go to Bus Stop = Bpai Rot Mee (Bapai-Rot-Me)
  11. Bus = Rot Me (Rot-Me)
  12. Subway MRT = Rodfai dtaaidin (Rod-Fai-Dee-Tai-Din)
  13. Airplane = Kruang bin (Krung Bin)
  14. Mini Bus = Rot dtuu (Rot-a-Doo)
  15. Car = Rot (Rot)
  16. Bicycle = Jakgrayaan (Jak-Gra-Yan)
  17. Boat = Rua (Ru-Ah)
  18. Motorcycle = Moodteesai (Mod-Te-Sai)
  19. Skytrain BTS = Rodfai faa (Rod-Fai-Faa)

Basic Phrases in Thai for Shoppers

There are a lot of malls in Bangkok and all over Thailand. If you want to make sure you don’t get cheated for the ‘farang’ price, then there are a few words you should learn. Remember, bargain with any store and you can walk away with the best price. You may not be able to bargain at luxury malls but you can always get a great deal with local vendors if you use these phrases.

  1. How much for this? = Taorai (Tao-Rai)
  2. I would like to buy this = Ao annii (Aao-Ani)
  3. It’s too expensive = Paang mak (Pang-Mak)
  4. Can you make the price less? = Lod noi dai mai (Load-Noi-Dai-Mai)

Basic Phrases in Thai for Eating at Restaurants and Bars

I bet you’re going to spend a lot of time eating and drinking around here. That’s because there’s so much to eat and drink. When you visit a bar, gogo bar or beer bar, talking to the waitress in local Thai is going to impress them. This is what you should know.

  1. Cold = Yen (Yenn)
  2. Hot = Rone (Ronn)
  3. Restaurant = Raan aahaan (Ran Ahan)
  4. Cafe = Raan gaafee (Ran Gafay)
  5. Please excuse me = Koortoot (Kor-Toot)
  6. I’m hungry = Hiu (Hiyoo)
  7. Can I get the menu? = Aow meenuu noi (Aao-Minu-Noi)
  8. Vegetarian food = Mawng sa vee rat (Mang-Sa-Vee-Rat)
  9. Vegan = Gin jay (Jin-Jai)
  10. Chicken = Gai (Guy)
  11. Beer = Beer (Beer)
  12. Rice = Kaao (Kao)
  13. No sugar please = Mai aow nam tan (Mai-Aao-Nam-Tan)
  14. No ice please = Mai aow nam khang (Mai-Aao-Nam-Khang)
  15. Can I get one more?  = Khor iik nung (Khor-ik-Noong)
  16. I like it spicy = Chan chawp pet (Chan-Chap-Pait)
  17. I dont want it spicy = Chan Mai pet (Chan-Mai-Pait)
  18. Bathroom = Hongnaam (Hong-Nam)
  19. Water = Naam (Naam)

Basic Phrases in Thai for Talking to Girls

When it comes to talking to girls, either freelancers or escorts, knowing what to ask and what kind of services to ask is important. Knowing these few basic phrases in Thai means you will be able to crack a deal with a girl and get a complete PSE.

  1. How much for one night? = Khun Hung Tao Rai (Khun-Hoong-Tao-Rai)
  2. How much for short time? = Wela Sung Tai Rai (Wela-Sang-Tao-Rai)
  3. Can you come to my hotel? = Khoon Mai Thi Rongream Khong Chem Dem Mai (Kun-Mai-Tee-Rongram-Kong-Chem-Mai)
  4. Do you have a room? = Kun Mi Hong Mai (Khun-Mee-Hong-Mai)
  5. What services do you offer? = Khun Hi Brikar Bang (Kun-Hi-Barakano Arai Bang)
  6. Can you give me a massage? = Khun Wad Hu Chan Hoi Mai (Kun-Wad-Hu-Chain-Mai)
  7. Are you single? = Bpen soht (Bepen-Sot)
  8. Would you like a drink? = Ja deum arai mai (Ja-Dum-Arai-Mai)
  9. I’m drunk = Mow (Mao)
  10. Cheers = Chon Gaeo (Chon-Gay-O)
  11. Anal = Kopn (Kuoon)
  12. Threesome = Threesome (Tree-Som)
  13. Condom = Thoon Yaang (Thun-Yang)
  14. Nuru Massage = Tha Lo Pai Throng Throng (Ta-Lo-Pai-Trong-Trong)
  15. Happy = Mi Khan Sukh (Mi-Kan-Soup)
  16. Extras = Khwan Pises (Khan-Pisey)

Basic Phrases in Thai for Talking to Girls

In the unlikely event that you need assistance, getting emergency help should be easy. It should not be difficult asking anyone for help if you can pronounce these words.

  1. Where is the hospital? = Rongpayaabaan yoo tee nai (Ron-Paya-Ban-You-Tee-Nai)
  2. Where is the police station? Sataanii dtamruat yoo tee nai (Satani-Di-Tamurat-Tee-Nai)
  3. It hurts = Jep (Jeep)
  4. Please call an ambulance = Dahm rot pa-ya-bahn (Dam-Rot-Paya-Ban)
  5. Can you please help me? = Choo-ay dai mai (Chu-Aye-Dai-Mai)

Basic Phrases in Thai for Counting with Numbers

When you are calculating something or counting exchange rates, you may want to be familiar with some basic numbers that people use. Trust me, it’s very helpful in some situations especially when you have to tell someone how many or how much you can give or receive.

  1. One = Nung (Nung)
  2. Two = Song (Song)
  3. Three = Sam (Sam)
  4. Four = See (See)
  5. Five = Haa (Ha)
  6. Six = Hok (Hawk)
  7. Seven = Jet (Jeyt)
  8. Eight = Bpeet (Bee-Pet)
  9. Nine = Gaao (Gao)
  10. Ten = Sip (Sip)
  11. Hundred = Nung rooi (Nung Roi)
  12. Thousand = Nung pan (Nung Paan)

So, the next time you are checking out a Nuru Massage in Bangkok or on your way to Blowjob Bars in Bangkok, remember to practice these phrases. They’ll come in very handy. It’s perfect if you want to break the ice with a girl after checking out her Instagram account.

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