There’s a new Nuru place around called Kokoro Massage Bangkok and it’s fast becoming one of those establishments that every punter wants to patronize. The literal translation of Kokoro in Japanese means heart and it definitely lives up to its name. Every woman in Thailand obviously knows that the way to a mans’ heart is through his pants. This is one of those shops that makes it to our list of Best Massage Parlours in Bangkok.

Kokoro Massage Bangkok is New!

When I checked out Kokoro Massage in Bangkok, I was instantly reminded that this is an erotic shop. I went here after checking out 7 Heaven Bangkok. It has been constructed to be a massage parlor with the right Japanese aesthetics. The rooms are well designed and have a lot of sexual motifs that remind you what you are in for. There’s this super soft and comfortable air mattress that I needed to try out because everyone tells me their Nuru Massage Bangkok girls are perfect.

This massage shop opened up early last and has been the talk of the town. Now that things in Thailand are getting back to normal, slowly and steadily, we had to give it a try. I have to agree with the reports I have read elsewhere, they’re really great as a Nuru shop. There are not many Japanese-styled Nuru massage parlors in Bangkok so when I discovered this, I knew I was in heaven.

Located in a Prime Sukhumvit

You can find Kokoro Massage easily. It is on Soi 23 of Sukhumvit. Asok is the BTS station you want to get down at. It’s literally a stone’s throw away from Asok station. It’s just a couple of turns around. Try our Bangkok 112 interactive maps to find what you want. Even though it’s right in your face, Kokoro is committed to maintaining your safety. There’s a great bit of effort taken to maintain discretion.

One of the many things I noticed is that Soi 23 has a lot of Bangkok Massage Shops but not all of them have the P4P angle to them. There are only about a handful of adult entertainment massage shops and Nuru places here. It’s not a very popular Red Light District in Bangkok if that is what you are thinking.

Girls at Kokoro Bangkok

Many of the girls working at Kokoro Massage stand apart. They were picked because of their attractiveness, charm, and ability to perform a fantastic sexual treatment. They’ve mastered the art of integrating wicked behavior with the GFE. As a result, you receive a pleasant sensation in the streets and a passionate sensation in the sheets. Their webpage is useful since it describes each woman in detail, detailing their friendly service.

The Kokoro roster girls are rightful champions. Full about the kind of sultry Thai females we all fantasize about. Each of the ladies is in her 20s or 30s. Some of the women are Nuru massage experts who have gained a reputation for their fabled talents. Everyone else is new to the scene but has been taught the basics by experts. The end outcome is a hybrid of the two realms.

Kokoro Massage Bangkok

I Selected Mira, A Petite Babe

Mira is a petite woman with tan skin who is well-liked by most guys. She provides an excellent Nuru treatment and allows you to complete two releases in an hour-long Nuru session. I noticed that she enjoys licking your entire body, especially your rim. he’s petite, but she’s tough as nails. She knows how to scream loudly, and she will not quit till you do. For an additional 500 Baht, they have a VIP space available. Cosplay and black stockings are props that are also offered.

Great Services at Kokoro Massage Bangkok

These Kokoro women aren’t just good at wicked Nuru Massage. AV Relaxation, a full fetish-oriented naughty massage session, is also available. If you’re familiar with the Japanese word “AV,” you’ll understand what I’m speaking of. Clients may pretty much live off their fantasies with girls who look and act like they’re in a movie. As just a result, this “cosplay” treatment could come from an Asian receptionist dressed as an executive woman or even a vivacious cheerleader. This is extremely thrilling.

Real Japanese Nuru

In the center of Bangkok, Kokoro Massage took great pains to create a true Japanese-style body-to-body treatment. Fortunately, they did not bring the notoriously high Japanese price culture with them. A two-hour Nuru treatment will set you back at 4000 Baht. When you add additional girls, the prices increase to 7000 Baht. The AV Reflexology is a tad cheaper. The cost of a 1 hour AV dream experience is 2500 Baht.
In January 2020, I heard reports that many eateries will open in Bangkok. A few had projects in the works. Then came the global economic crisis, and it appeared that it would come to a halt. Then, all of a surprise, I got the good news that everything was starting to open up, as well as the even positive information that a fresh Nuru masseuse was coming to the city.

Nuru treatment is one of my favorite things to do. It was about the best sensual massages you can receive. It’s why, since leaving Japan, its become renowned all across the globe. With the Nuru, some spots are stronger than others. One of the finest is Kokoro Massage Bangkok. They actually understand what they’re on about, and it makes a huge difference.

Perfect Cozy Place for Punters

I especially appreciate the little details they added to Kokoro’s design. It’s pretty good how they maintain the place tidy and hygienic with the unique room designs. Clients demand this kind of care, and it’s becoming increasingly unusual. The massage therapists are excellent at what they are doing and also quite attractive. This was so different compared to the Ladyboy Bangkok experiences I have shared before.
Kokoro Massage Bangkok can be found at 116/2 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok. It’s open all day from 11:00 until 12:00, the store is open. Their website includes a directory and further info, as well as photos of the therapy staff and room decals.

If you are looking for something a little kinkier, I would suggest that you go check out shops for a Soapy Massage in Bangkok or pick up a Thai Hooker by reading our Smooci Review. Or can also check out the Kokoro Massage website to make an appointment

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