Last 1 month or so, I’m trying my luck at Thai Friendly and WeChat. I’ve stopped using Smooci altogether, go to gogos rarely and don’t hit massage salons much. I’m just enjoying TF and Wechat and I’ve been lucky not to have a bad experience yet. I’ve met 6 girls in last month by these, wrote a couple of FRs on them, and excluding one all are good enough that I’ve met them twice by now.

Cute Girls on Thai Friendly

So, today I found a new bird at Thai Friendly. Before finding her, I tried to organized that threesome which I talked about in my previous FR but the other girl was busy (some nice person had booked her for the day), moved that plan for next week. Then I met this girl on TF, she only has 1 pic, strange for girls to have one pic on Thai Friendly. Anyways, I hit her and after usual chit chat, I asked if she wanted to meet. She replied with “3 k st”. Perfect. Countered with 1. 5 K and deal was done like that. Now, asked her to come at 8 pm but she said she does dinner at 7 so 8 would be weird (ya, not a huge fan of tasting her Thai dinner either). She suggested 11, and I was on for it.

Found this Spinner on the Thai Friendly App

At 11 pm, she came, in nice red dress, showing her smooth legs. She was fit, neither skinny nor big. In the room, we talked a bit, found out she has a baby, 2 years old. She said she’s 26, when I doubted jokingly, she just showed her ID. I didn’t see it though, and politely agreed. So, I believed she’s 26. I was in much mood of shower, so asked her to go shower, and I waited by the bed like a lazy man. And then she came, wrapped in towel, and me in my innocence with no idea what I was in for. She took the towel off, showed her jewels. Nice boobs, and shaved pussy. No scratches, small tattoo on back and no baby cut mark. She jumped into the comforter and I went in too. I started with feeling her body. Touching her everywhere, and then kissing her neck, tummy and ears. And then started the DFK. Man, she didn’t stopped for a second. I think for 10 minutes straight we were spooning, kissing each other and feeling each other’s body. Then I started rubbing her pussy. And then one finger and then second went in. Simultaneously, I was kissing her and my finger were fucking her. After 3-4 minutes, her vaginal muscles contracted really hard, and she took my hand out.

Download the Thai Friendly App to Find Some Matches

I was so hard by then. Asked her to do BJ. She started BBBJ, and within 5 blows I was about to come. I asked her to stop. WTF right. Now, little background, I am a person because of whom these WGs get annoyed because I don’t come. I have fucked WGs for 30 straight minutes without coming. And now, I was about to come in 5 seconds. Maybe because the make-out session was fuckin hot. Told her I will come if she blow me more, and I wanted to fuck, so she put the rubber on. During this rubber putting session, little johnny lost its hardness, so she licked my balls to get him hard again.

There are a lot of girls available on the App to Choose From

Went in Missionary, and fuck, she was a wild girl. She had no limits. From biting my neck and chest (I don’t know how she bit my chest when we were in Missionary, LOL) and even pulling my hairs. Again, I stopped in-between my thrusts to make sure I don’t come so soon. Then I had enough, and I got in my push-ups position and started those powerful thrusts. The mixture of her loud moans and melody of my balls hitting her hips was honey to my ears. Did those thrusts for a couple of minutes and then I came. Confessed to her that I never came so quickly. She also said that she rarely cums but she did with me, but coming from a WG, I don’t trust this statement much.

Take your Pick from any Thai Girl in Bangkok

After the shower, gave her 1500 + 500 Baht tips. Asked her to stay the night, but she politely declined. Anyways, I took her line and asked if she’s available on Sunday. She said yes, so, maybe you’re in for another report next week.

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