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As I was staying at Sukhumvit road near nana plaza, I came out of the hotel and went straight to nana plaza to check out the Bangkok Freelancers. Then I decided to just have a look at the street near hotels like Hyatt and Marriott. Nana Plaza and Bangkok Freelancers I saw a couple of really beauty birdies. But when I approached them I realized that most of them are ladyboys. One can easily identify…

Today I just happened to be passing Thermae on the lookout for some Bangkok Girls. Outside a girl was sizzling hot and pretty, dressed very tight to show off her tits and fab body, not the usual conservative stuff. Was 8:30 PM and she was just heading to the stairs to enter Thermae. My god, I was tempted to go right after her. However a little voice in my head was saying “Bro, don’t waste…

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