Looking for an affordable way to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai without busting your budget? There are a ton of things that you can possibly do in Bangkok. But once you are done with the city, it’s time to move to other amazing cities in Thailand. One of the most popular cities referred to as Chiang Mai is situated 700 km up north of Thailand. The largest city in Northern Thailand that offers a completely different experience than Bangkok.

The reason behind its vast attraction to tourists is the natural beauty it offers. Also, after partying in Bangkok and Pattaya, the next destination of tourists is generally Northern Thailand. Let’s see how can you reach there and carry on with your fun vacation.

In order to travel for cheap from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, you can either choose a flight, bus, or train. These are very cost-effective even though you may think otherwise. Let’s take a look.

Bangkok To Chiang Mai by Flight

If you don’t have an ample amount of time in your pocket then choosing a flight is the best option. Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport handles local flights and you can easily book your tickets at a low cost. Bigger airlines are handled by Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The cost of tickets on these flights is comparatively high. Now, if you are worried about the price you need to pay then the cost of tickets varies according to the time of booking. 

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Flight

If you book early, then you can save an ample amount of money. But last-minute bookings can be really expensive. Decide in advance and book early if you plan on flying to Chiang Mai. You will reach your destination in approximately an hour. Do not get confused since no matter which airline you choose, local or international, you will reach Chiang Mai at the same time. 

If you are planning to fly to Chiang Mai during the Thai New Year celebration in April then know that tickets are generally high during this time. Once you reach the Airport, you can take a Tuk-Tuk or a taxi according to your preference and move further. 

A lot of airlines operate from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Nok Air, Air Asia and Thai Airways are few of them. Try booking your tickets as much as in advance as possible. You can find tickets as low as $50 if you are booking internationally.

Train from Bangkok To Chiang Mai

Trains are generally the most chosen way of traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Depending upon the hours that are most convenient, you can either book a day train or night train. Traveling through trains will help you in experiencing Thailand in a much better way. You will surely be far from boredom during this journey of approximately 15 hours. You can easily strike up a conversation with locals while enjoying the beauty. Enjoy your journey and do not forget to carry food all by yourself to save you from the costly food they offer on trains. Saving money will only lead to more valuable expenses once you reach your destination. Moreover, travelers generally prefer going for the night train.  

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Train

Firstly, you need to understand that you will be spending almost 14-15 hours on the train. If you didn’t end up choosing a comfortable seat, your entire journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai will be uncomfortable and tiring. Go for a sleeper train and book the AC compartment if you do not want to end up experiencing the hot weather on a long journey. Know that whatever compartment you choose, the beauty of Thai villages will have you asking for more. 

Cheaper Alternatives are Busses

For budget travelers, taking a bus seems to be a convenient option since it is the cheapest of all. As far as the number of buses that take passengers from Bangkok’s Mo Chit bus station to Arcade main bus station in Chiang Mai is concerned, there are several buses running throughout the day. You can book in advance and have a hassle-free journey throughout. Express buses might not take you at full speed but do offer comfort. So go for it, and book your tickets at a reasonable rate. There are also bus stations at Chatuchak.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Bus

If you are willing to avoid the crowded local buses then you can also go for the VIP buses that take fewer passengers and offer full comfort. Also, what’s the point of a journey if you do not enjoy your way forward, right? Thai Sriram VIP bus is ready to take you along the ride. It generally takes one stop amidst the journey for passengers to stretch their legs. 

No matter the means of transportation, the city has got so much covered for you that you will definitely enjoy yourself on your next trip to Chiang Mai. Don’t forget to book your hotels too. If you want to take a girl with you to Chiang Mai, then you can find one using Smooci our reading our Best Bangkok Escorts guide.

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