soi 7


People say that the Songkran Festival only lasts 3 days in Bangkok. But I can’t recall a time in the past 7-8 years when it only lasted 3 days. In the places we go to monger, the red-light districts, it lasts for at least a week. Maybe the year the King died, the schedule was strictly adhered to. I don’t know how it works now. The tourists and girls will jump ahead and start shooting…

When you talk about BJ bars, there is only Soi that comes to mind and that is the infamous Soi 7/1 that extends just behind the Subway restaurant. When I first traveled to Bangkok a couple of years ago, there was no Wood Bar. It was instead called Dr. BJ’s Nuru Salon. It was an ingenious marketing idea at the time where you could enter the bar and get consulted by a doctor who asked…

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