I made a 2nd trip out to Thermae and can confirm now that my first trip was an anomaly. On that first visit, all the girls were outside due to the non-alcoholic holidays and the Thermae bar was closed; of course, that didn’t stop the girls from freelancing outside; hence the huge crowd.

Inside the Thermae Bar in Bangkok

On this 2nd visit, I actually saw the inside of Thermae for the first time. It had this feeling of a ‘meat-market’-type of atmosphere. The girls were everywhere in that one huge big room. The ratio was definitely way more girls than guys. I think that if you’re not able to find someone that meets your specification for attractiveness at this place, then there’s a possibility that maybe Asian girls are not your type. I have yet to explore all the areas in the city. But at the moment, I would say that (so far since I’ve been here) this is probably the best freelancing hub in Bangkok.

Well, so far since I’ve mongered in Bangkok for the first time, I’ve managed to check out 2 gogo bars at Nana, an oily massage place, a BJ bar, and this Thermae bar.

Thermae Bar Outside during the Day

The gogo bars were OK; I’ll check out some more. The oily massage (101 Premier) was disappointing; the girl was attractive and she was actually a nice girl but the chemistry wasn’t there. She might hit it off with someone else but I just didn’t click with her. I’ll have to try that place again since there seemed to be some more attractive girls there.

Other observations; seems like if you’re looking for some hotties on Soi 4, they seem to be standing in front of Hooters.

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