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I know this city and girls in Bangkok can be overwhelming at first so I have decided to share with you my complete guide to nightlife, girls, sex and their prices. I arrived in Bangkok via the Don Mueang airport. This has been maybe my 10th time in the city and I was extremely excited to be back. I got a Grab taxi and was charged about 350 THB for 45 minutes ride. I also…

This is sort of the new Crazy House. Has similarities to Crazy House of 3 to 4 years ago. So, therefore, I am unlikely to go to CH any more, or maybe just a rare occasion in case they have a hot new girl. New hot girls may be more likely to start at Kazy, but can’t be sure. Time will tell. Kazy Kozy in Soi Cowboy The good points (for Kazy): 1. Lots of…

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