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Safety Standards Getting a Pornstar Experience (PSE) is still the absolute experience at Tulip Massage Parlour Bangkok even though they have all gone safe for sex. Let us all support them in what is good for them and good for all of us. Think about it. Even though the little brain wants/needs to shoot its jizz in a naughty hole, it is not a good thing for us or them. We are all responsible for…

There’s always something quite spectacular about the Best Soapy Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok. I still have a couple of favorite bordellos that I return to again and again for better and for worse. Where are the Best Soapy Oily Massage Parlours in Bangkok? In the soapy category, I like Maria Hotel & Spa for their large selection of good-looking girls and La Belle for an occasional real looker. Like one of their sideline girls.…

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