Thailand is infamous for its nightlife and the GoGo Bar Bangkok scene is no different. A lot of newbies keep on asking me what happens inside a GoGo bar so I thought I would take some time out and try to explain in as much detail as I possibly can. What Happens Inside a GoGo Bar Bangkok Gogo or Agogo bars as they are popularly known in Thailand are different compared to your regular bars.…

Blast from the past. Strolling through Nana Plaza tonight I noticed a “new” go-go bar on the ground level far left corner by the name of Voodoo. Have I missed this announcement here or am I the first? I did a search on this thread and only one reference to that name came up from late last year when it was mentioned in a recollection from 20 years ago. Voodoo Bar Bangkok Nana Plaza Well,…

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