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If you are one of the thousands of people who read the submissions here every day, why not take the time to write up your own story? We’ve all had humorous and interesting experiences in Thailand so why not share yours? Please read our submission guidelines below to understand what you can and cannot submit.


Submission Guidelines

What kind of articles and stories can I submit?

Submissions are welcome on any subject or issue related to Thailand. Submissions are also welcome about issues and experiences from neighboring countries where punters have experiences to share.

What should I keep in mind while writing?

All submissions should be easily readable, in English, and enjoyed as stand-alone articles. They may refer to previous submissions but should be stand-alone such that anyone could read them.

Can I add news articles?

If you submit a story or article that you feel is time-sensitive that perhaps refers to something current, let us know and we will bump it and publish it the next day.
Try to include images in your articles and posts. Readers will want to see what you have to share.

How long should my story be?

Submissions must be at least 600 words in length. Try to get your grammatical corrections done correctly before sending it in. We will of course read your article and made minor changes wherever we think we can. We may modify the article a little bit to optimize it for readers to understand what you have written.

What can i not post about?

Mean-spirited or nasty comments about other submitters are NOT allowed in any submissions. Please do NOT use submissions as a vehicle to push a political or other agenda. Ideally, there should be no mention of politics.

Should I share my name?

Please provide a title for the submission, a pen name, and let us know whether you would like an email address added. If you do not provide a pen name we will run it as “Anonymous”. You can elect to have a submission published anonymously.

Should I share my email address?

If you do not specifically advise us that it is ok to include your email address, we will not. If you would like an email address included, it may be a good idea to create a new one so your primary email address doesn’t become the recipient of spam.

How long will it take to get published?

If you are naming people in your submission, it may be wise to change the names.
There is a short delay between me receiving the submission and it is published, from around a few days to a week.