After walking by the place many times, I was finally persuaded to go in to view the lineup by one of the women outside, who said there were many more inside. Turned out there were only 2 more inside, and the one who brought me in was the best looking; 30-something with a pretty face and slim body (from Issan, 6 months in the business, previously worked on her family’s farm, she told me in the room). Asked her to sit with me so I could inquire about the services I require: she said yes to kissing, DATY, me massaging her, fucking to music, so asked her if she could fuck for two hours. She said yes but I did not want to tire her out that much so I chose 90 minutes for baht 2200. When she got ready for the shower, she put up her hair in a bun and looked even prettier than with her hair around her face; nice, no sag small be tits, no noticeable baby damage. After shower, started with standing dry humping (front and back), massaging her pussy, ass, and tits. At the beginning she was doing some fake moans so I told her I don’t like fake passion, so she stopped. Then I laid her down for a massage of her back, legs, ass and pussy, which started to get her wet. Turned her over for DATY and she went wild after about 5 minutes of it, coming twice (according to her; there was a little puddle on the bedsheet so probably true). Then BBBJ and covered fucking in various positions for the remaining 45-50 minutes, with her moaning and gasping for breath most of the time. She was exhausted by the end of the session, so I was right not to choose the 2 hour option. A great session with a pretty woman at a good price.

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