What do special Thai prostitutes do in bed so that they are so popular among men?

15.34K viewsHua Hin

Generally, it is not about sex skills. It is what is often called the “girlfriend experience”. They act as if you are on a date. You rarely get the feeling that they are just hoping to get it over and done with, even though it probably is true. Basically, most of them (not all) are nice friendly people and they try to be good company. They’ll compliment you, laugh at your silly jokes, and hold your hand as you walk.

Just like many things in this world, being nice to be with is often more important than mere skills.

That said, they are usually pretty easygoing in bed too and will go along with most things so long as you ask first and respect them in turn. A generous tip will help with the more unusual requests.

sugar Answered question February 14, 2022
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