Spam on ThaiFriendly

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Werid stuff has happened to me multiple times with different ThaiFriendly girls. I do the chat on LINE, get a photo or two and then they no show. Had one say she got in taxi but that was 45 minutes late, then 20 minutes later taxi had low tire pressure and she would be later than usual.

Some just don’t show at all, no chat nothing. Had one this afternoon say the location I gave her brought her to a place 3 km’s from where I gave her my location and condo name. She then sent me a photo of her on her way but with google maps streetview you can grab ‘photos’ from anywhere in the world and say you are there. So I’m waiting and then she says she’s 5 km’s further past my condo.

Now if anyone knows LINE locations you can easily change your location by moving the dot. Its not a huge deal when your living here but if your on a 2 week vacation that time wasted is a big deal. Have to wonder if someone is creating fake accounts on TF along with fake LINE accounts just to scam people. Even had one ‘girl’ ask me for money so she could come to Pattaya. Maybe video chats are the only way to weed out the scammers?

Now if you don’t know LINE has private chat groups (up to 500 people) and they promote bars, general conversations. I think anyone can create a group and invite people to it. I did hear a story that there are LINE chat groups with the working girls who share info on clients, bad clients etc. And these no shows makes me wonder if this is true and somewhere in time I pissed off a girl and now my profile is on said chat. Its possible. Luckily there are thousands more here who aren’t in those chat groups if they do exist.

sugar Asked question February 18, 2022
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