I just returned from a short 72 hour BKK layover and had the chance to do two visits. One to Kiss 2 and one to Snow White.

First day I went to Kiss 2, I read a post where someone asked about Bam, he didn’t get the change to meet her because she was busy or not working that day, I don’t remember. I had never been at that side of the RLD and it was further away from the MRT station but still easy to find. I found out that a few of these shops belong together. This kiss 2 website shows the girls working there and as always they look MUCH better in the their pics than in real life. When I saw Bam on the website she definitely looked like a girl I wanted to meet. So I walk in and the main lady (which looked pretty hot) shows me the menu and all the girls come out. I didn’t recognise Bam. I really liked the main hostess and asked if I could go with her and she said sure. Turns out this is Bam, I totally did not recognise her LOL. She takes me across the street to Kiss 1. I think because I didn’t choose one of the premium rooms. I had a chance of seeing the girls there and they didn’t do it for me. She leads me to a room and as always goes and pick up her stuff. Once we get back we take a shower and she didn’t offer me the mouthwash which I thought was weird but since I always hate that part I was actually happy. I should have known better.

Turns out she has a kid and she does have some stretchmarks but her body is very nice to look at and she does have a pretty face. She has worked in Japan for a year and has been in the business for ten years. She also had a STD scare a long time ago and that is what made her become super cautious. Sadly I have to say that despite that I did have a fun time with her but the fun part was not the sex. She is super nice but a starfish in bed. On top of that no kissing at all!! Hence why she didn’t offer me the mouthwash. No BBBJ only CBJ (the first one I ever had in BKK) it was just not up to standards at all. I’m sorry to say I won’t return to see her which is a shame cause she is lovely otherwise, we talked a lot and it is the kind of girl I would take out on a dinner date if I met her on some dating site or such.

Day 2 was a lot better, I read this post by a senior member that said he always got BBFS at Snowwhite and could cum inside a girl 50% of the time. Snowwhite used to be my go to place in BKK but it had fallen out of favor with me awhile ago. So I thought it was BS cause I never saw any indication that girls were offering BBFS there. So I decided to go back and check it out. Last time I was there was a couple years ago and the line up had only been three girls and they were all not my fancy and I walked out and found another place. Since then I have been mixing it up. So I was happy to see there was a larger line up and several girls were cute but of course I picked the cutest one, She takes me up the stairs and while she gets her stuff I get naked. She walks in and mini me is already at attention. She walks over sits on my lap and starts kissing me passionately. Then works her way down and gives me a BBBJ. After awhile she says if I need a shower. I always shower before going out so I said no so she quickly hops in herself. I lay on the bed waiting for her to finish. I’m thinking maybe I should have joined her cause it will probably make her feel better knowing you are clean but it turned out that it had no effect on her service. We started making out right away and I turn her on her back and DATY. She makes all her porn noises which is fine at least I’m enjoying myself. I work my way up and pull her legs up. I rub my tip against her clit and slide right inside her. She doesn’t say anything, doesn’t start screaming murder in fact she lets out a satisfying aaaaaah and starts making porn noises again while I’m slowly starting my strokes. I’m still shocked that I’m doing her bare. I do ask her if I cum inside or outside and she looks at me and says outside. She points out the spots where I can cum. Belly, Boobs or face. I decide her belly and drop my first load. She cleans up and I’m still not believing it. She then cuddles up to me and says how many more times I want to cum today. We joke about numbers. She says she can make me cum four times. Turns out it was three hahaha. So I had sex with her three times in two hours which is how I remembered Snowwhite girls, just the best service possible. The BBFS was new to me though and at the same price although I did give her a better tip than I usually give and she seemed quite happy. I’m not going to tell you guys her name just in case BBFS is normally not on the menu and she just happened to like me for some reason so you have to go there yourself and see. This raises the question though if this is a good thing. I need to be very careful not getting a STD since I’m married. Up till now it has been fine because I always have the rule to use condoms. This one was an one off just to see if it was a BS story which I totally expected it to be. I’m even unsure IF I should return to Snowwhite because the girls might be more at risk there. Then again maybe a lot of girls are doing this in these places amd being safe is just an illusion.

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